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Slim Fit Power Rack

Product Specifications:

  • Constructed of heavy gauge 3" x 3" 11-Gauge Steel
  • 1" holes on all sides of uprights give multiple options for attachment positions that other racks cannot. 2" hole spacing.
    • Attach your dip horn to either side, rear or front, if you have space concerns
    • plate storage posts can also be mounted from any side
    • All attachments available for Vulcan Elite Rigs can be used on Power Racks. Competing brand racks have limited options.
  • Black powder-coated finish
  • One pair of J -Hooks
  • Black zinc coated hardware
  • 1" solid steel Safety Pins. Competing brands use thinly constructed 5/8 steel pins and light gauge pipe.
  • 7" x 7" wide foot pads for superior stability versus smaller base pads that are less stable even when bolted to the floor
  • All Elite Rig attachments can be used on our power racks
  • Uprights are 91.5" approximately
  • The standard pull up bar is 1.25 diameter"
  • Takes up less space than a conventional power rack
  • Must be Bolted to the floor - Hardware included
  • All measurements are approximate
  • The base rack includes 4 uprights, two J-hooks, two safety spotter rods, and a single pull up bar only.


Open Box - Clearance items are Vulcan equipment items that did not pass quality inspection. None of these items have any mechanical problems and are added to our clearance inventory in no particular order.

We cannot post photos or send photos of individual Open Box items

Open Box Items may have some of the following characteristics, though characteristics are not limited to what is listed below. Characteristics may vary.
  • Discoloration
  • Uneven Finish
  • Spots
  • Scratches and Tool Marks
  • Most cosmetic issues with these items are not very noticeable

All Vulcan Open Box Bars still carry a performance warranty from bending or breaking during normal use. Warranty duration is no longer than original warranty of Grade "A" Specialty Bars of same variant.

NO RETURNS for Open Box Items
NO EXCHANGES for Open Box Items
NO REFUNDS for Open Box Items
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