Safety Spotter Arms
Safety Spotter Arms for Pull Up Rig or Power Racks
Safety Spotter Arms for Rig or Power Rack

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Safety Spotter Arms

The Vulcan Bumper Plate holder attachment is compatible with the Vulcan Elite Rig and the Vulcan Power Racks with 1" holes.


  • "3" x 3" Safety Spotters for VULCAN Elite Rigs or VULCAN power racks with 26 mm attachment hole
  • Heavy-duty Black UHMW to protect barbells
  • Sold in Pairs as one unit - select 1 as quantity per pair when checking out
  • The Spotter arm is 24" long
  • 25 mm attachment post
  • Does Not Ship free
  • Does not fit V-FFPR Flat Base Power Rack. This item is not gurantedd to fit any other racks.
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