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Vulcan Prime Color Competition Bumper Plates - LB
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Vulcan Prime Color Competition Bumper Plates in LBs

Color Competition Bumper Plates Description:

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The Prime LB Competition Bumper Plates offer a fusion of traditional aesthetics with contemporary innovation, perfect for elite gyms and performance facilities, without sacrificing quality or endurance.

You can trust our weights, with a guarantee of accuracy within 10 grams of the designated weight. These plates feature a slim profile compared to most competitors, permitting an increased number of plates on your bar.

Distinct features include raised letters filled with resilient ink that won't fade or peel, unlike many other brands. Our discs undergo a glass bead blasting process, giving them an appealing look even after extensive usage. The textured finish on the steel discs mitigates the appearance of scratches and scuffs. The plates are constructed with a dead blow low bounce virgin rubber and rubber compounds. The rubber protrudes approximately 1.25 mm above the disc, ensuring a secure fit and minimal metallic contact between plates. The 6 bolt pattern disc offers a balanced and durable core. Moreover, the steel discs in our Vulcan Absolute Bumper Plate are guaranteed not to detach from the plate or rotate within the plate throughout the warranty period.

With laser etched rubber, these plates provide a superb gripping surface and minimize visible wear and tear over time.

Our Vulcan Absolute Competition Bumper Plate Sets are tested meticulously and subjected to mechanical drop testing 10,000 times - a more rigorous examination than any competitor. All Vulcan Bumper plates align with IWF specifications. However, we can only vouch for the fit on Vulcan Barbells and other IWF compliant barbells, and cannot guarantee the fit on inferior bars not produced with strict collar diameter tolerances.

The product comes with a 5-year warranty covering steel disc detachment, rotation within the plate, or plate breakage. However, the warranty does not cover outdoor usage, usage on raw concrete floors, or dropping on rubber flooring less than 3/8" thickness. Misuse, neglect, or abuse will nullify the warranty.

Technical Details:
Plate Diameter: 450 mm (IWF Standard)
Weight Tolerance: Within 10 grams of stated weight
Shore Hardness: 85-87
Collar Opening: 50.40 mm
Insert Type: Bright Zinc Plated, Shot Peened Steel disc
Material: Virgin Rubber
Plate Thickness (by weight variant):
25lb (Green) - 35 mm
35lb (Yellow) - 43 mm
45lb (Blue) - 54 mm
55lb (Red) - 66 mm

Made in USA: No

Competition Bumper Plate Sets Contain the following Bumper Plate weights:

210lb: One pair each of 25lb (Green), 35lb (Yellow), 45lb (Blue)
250lb: One pair each of 25lb (Green), 45lb (Blue), 55lb (Red)
270lb: One pair each of 35lb (Yellow), 45lb (Blue), 55lb (Red)
300lb: One pair of 25lb (Green), one pair of 35lb (Yellow), two pairs of 45lb (Blue)
320lb: One pair each of 25lb (Green), 35lb (Yellow), 45lb (Blue), 55lb (Red)

Item# Item Name Regular Price Sale Price Qty Add
V-PCOMPCOL-25 25 lb Prime Green Competition Bumper Plates - Pair
V-PCOMPCOL-35 35 lb Prime Yellow Competition Bumper Plates - Pair
V-PCOMPCOL-45 45 lb Prime Blue Competition Bumper Plates - Pair
V-PCOMPCOL-55 55 lb Prime Red Competition Bumper Plates - Pair
V-PCOMPCOL-210 Vulcan Prime Color Competition Bumper Plates - 210 lb Set
$ 617.99
V-PCOMPCOL-250 Vulcan Prime Color Competition Bumper Plates - 250 lb Set
$ 720.99
V-PCOMPCOL-270 Vulcan Prime Color Competition Bumper Plates - 270 lb Set
$ 733.99
V-PCOMPCOL-300 Vulcan Prime Color Competition Bumper Plates - 300 lb Set
$ 845.99
V-PCOMPCOL-320 Vulcan Prime Color Competition Bumper Plates - 320 lb Set
$ 890.99
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