Vulcan Urethane Dumbbell Sets - Pre-Order - [ETA to Vulcan: 6/30]
Vulcan Urethane Dumbbell Sets


Urethane Dumbbell Sets

Urethane Dumbbell Specifications:

This is pre-order item. Please check FAQS on the Pre-order process before purchasing.

The Vulcan Prime dumbbells have a black textured urethane head, easy to read grey or white numeral increments, and high-quality construction. Listed at a more than affordable price point, these urethane dumbbells feature a solid steel core, hard chrome plated handle with medium knurl, and a high-grade 90 Shore Hardness urethane head. Rounded inner and outer edges of these dumbbells make them more comfortable to use when performing any movement where the dumbbell comes in contact with your body such as dumbbell bench presses, dumbbell cleans, dumbbell presses, and dumbbell push presses.

Handle Diameter: 32 mm 5 lb to 100 lb
34 mm 105 lb to 150 lb
Our high-grade urethane is very durable. Unlike typical rubber dumbbells, these urethane dumbbells do not have a rubber odor and can maintain their appearance for many years.

Custom logos available for facilities as part of a total Vulcan Gym outfitting with a minimum quantity of 6000lbs urethane dumbbells.

Urethane Dumbbell Sets

  • 5 lb to 50 lb Urethane Dumbbell Set
  • 5 lb to 75 lb Urethane Dumbbell Set
  • 55 lb to 100 lb Urethane Dumbbell Set
  • 105 lb to 125 lb Urethane Dumbbell Set
  • 130 lb to 150 lb Urethane Dumbbell Set
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Item# Item Name Regular Price Qty Add
PolyDB5-50 Urethane Dumbbell Set 5lb - 50lb - - Pre-Order - [ETA to Vulcan: 6/30]
PolyDB5-50-Rack Dumbbell Package - 5lb to 50lb Urethane with Three Tier Dumbbell Rack [UNAVAILABLE]
PolyDB5-75 Urethane Dumbbell Set 5lb - 75lb - - Pre-Order - [ETA to Vulcan: 6/30]
PolyDB55-100 Urethane Dumbbell Set 55lb - 100lb - Pre-Order - [ETA to Vulcan: 6/30]
PolyDB105-125 Urethane Dumbbell Set 105lb - 125lb - - Pre-Order - [ETA to Vulcan: 6/30]
PolyDB130-150 Urethane Dumbbell Set 130lb - 150lb - Pre-Order - [ETA to Vulcan: 6/30]-
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