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Rubber Hex Dumbbell Sets

Hex Rubber Dumbell Sets

Rubber Hex Dumbbells are a staple in many gyms and training centers. They offer an affordable alternative to urethane dumbbells, which are more costly. The Rubber Hex Dumbell has many advantages and some disadvantages as compared to other types of dumbbells.

Due to the Hexagon shape of the Rubber Hex Dumbbell, many exercises can be performed using this type of dumbbell that cannot be easily performed with a round rubber dumbbell. Combinations of pushups on the handles of the dumbbells and/or rows can be performed, bear crawl movements and even burpees can be performed with hex dumbbells in hand. Hex Dumbbells generally have a contoured handle which helps when doing movements such as dumbbell bench press and dumbbell shoulder presses. The heads of the hex dumbells are generally larger than that of round dumbells. The contoured handle takes some stress off the wrists when the heads of the dumbells are making contact with the caps of the shoulders or chest during pressing movements.

There are also disadvantages of the hex shape. Heavy dumbbells that have the hex shape cannot be simply rolled on the floor to return them to the rack. The hex shape has corners of course that inhibit rolling the dumbbells. Another disadvantage of the shape is that the corners can become chipped or rounded over time with dropping or if placing the dumbbells on a dumbbell rack that does not have a rubber lining.

Frequently Asked Questions About Rubber Dumbbells

How are rubber dumbbells made?

There are numerous ways to make rubber dumbbells and various levels of quality in construction and materials. Vulcan Rubber dumbells are made from high-quality rubber compounds and cast iron or steel heads, and steel handles. Dumbbell heads are attached using a proprietary method that ensures the dumbbell head will not come off. One might think that all rubber dumbbells are the same and when shopping for rubber dumbells the customer should simply find the cheapest option. Some dumbbells are made using fillers such as concrete or sand to cut manufacturing costs. Cheaper rubber compounds that give off stronger than usual rubber smells are also often used to cut manufacturing costs in order to bring a product to the consumer that is cheaper. The outward appearance of high-quality dumbbell and a low-quality dumbbell can be identical. Unfortunately, the durability of the lower costing option can be very questionable.

Will the "heads" of your rubber dumbbells come off or rattle? I bought some dumbbells from another company and the heads are starting to come off after only one year.

Vulcan uses a proprietary method of mating the head of the dumbbell to the handle. Our method permanently bonds the head to the handle in a way that makes it virtually impossible for it to loosen or depart.

Will the rubber grip surface on your Pro Hex dumbells loosen or come off over time?

No, we have tested that extensively as that would be an obvious issue with this type of dumbbell. We have gone so far as to cut a dumbbell in half and still we were unable to detach the rubber using mechanical means.

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