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Bumper Plates

Bumper Plates are a necessity for any strength training program that will involve training the Olympic lifts or assistance movements involved in Olympic weightlifting training. A true bumper plate is made of solid Vulcanized rubber. Our Olympic weight plates are not rubber coated iron plates that will peel and crack. The benefit of solid rubber bumper plates is they can be dropped from overhead without damaging floors in the way that cast iron or steel Olympic plates would. Being able to drop the weights or "bail out" of a lift is essential when a trainee begins to use heavy poundages that could possibly cause injury to the trainee if he/she were to attempt to bring the weight set down to the body after the full physical exertion required for a maximum lift.

Vulcan Bumper Plates Review

Black Training Bumper Plates are our most popular variant due to the relatively low cost, high durability,
and versatility of use. These rubber weights are suitable for any indoor gym or fitness application. They are not manufactured for outdoor use however and use of these types of high density rubber plates outdoors will cause damage to the surface of the plate (chipping) as well as compromise it's durability. These are great plates for anyone looking to equip a commercial gym, CrossFit gym, High School or College weight room, personal training center or garage/home gym. Sold in pairs and sets. 36 month warranty on 55 lb, 45 lb, 35 lb, 25 lb. 1 year warranty on 10 lb and 15 lb plates.

Color Training Bumper Plates are available in pound and kilogram increments. IWF Colors and specifications. These colored rubber weights offer a more affordable alternative to our higher quality Olympic Competition weight sets. These weight plates are constructed of a different rubber compound than the black training plates. The color training plates offer a lower bounce and lower noise compared to black training plates. These plates have raised lettering colored with indelible ink for easy identification and looks consistent with higher priced Olympic training plates. These weights are sold in sets and pairs.
36 month warranty of 55 lb, 25 kg, 45 lb, 20 kg, 35 lb, 15 kg, 25 lb, and 10 kg plates. 12 month warranty on 10 lb plates.

Vulcan Absolute Competition Bumper Plates represent the highest level of performance for Olympic weightlifting. These plates are recommended for high level athletic training facilities, and those facilities instituting a competitive weightlifting program. Vulcan Absolute Plates are manufactured in accordance with IWF standards. Each plate is guaranteed to weigh within +/_ 10 grams of stated weight. The Absolute's have raised lettering imprinted with indelible ink and many other unique features. 60 Month warranty on 25 kg, 20 jg, 15 kg, and 10 kg variants.

V-Lock Rubber Change Plates have completely changed the standard for all change plates. In the past, issues such as peeling rubber, paint chipping, rust, loose or departed inserts, bar damage, and excessive noise were considered the norm for change plates. We were the first to introduce the solid rubber change plate to the market in 2012 and it has been highly imitated to this day. Solid rubber without steel inserts or an iron core is what differentiates the V-Lock Change Plate. They are precisely weighed, balanced and molded to fit tightly on the barbell and closely together. They are highly durable and carry a 5 year warranty.

Alpha Bumper Plates are our newest addition. The Alpha plates stand in a class on their own. They are made using a unique rubber compound that is not used in any other rubber weight plate on the market. The benefit of this rubber compound is that it can be used outdoors or indoors without any adverse effect to the plates. These plates are great for outdoor workouts or training in a garage or basement with bare concrete floors. Alpha plates are superior to recycled rubber or crumb rubber bumper plates. The proprietary rubber compound enables a thinner plate that takes up less space on the bar as well as a dead blow bounce. Unlike some of the extremely thick and dangerously high bouncing recycled rubber plates. These plates will not fold when dropped nor will the inserts depart or come loose. Due to the shock absorbent properties of the Alpha rubber, they are as much as 35% quieter when dropped from overhead. On top of all of these benefits Alpha's are less costly than competing brands as well as having color coded flecks for easy identification.
36 month warranty on 55 lb, 45 lb, 35 lb, 25 lb. 1 year warranty on 10 lb plates. Warranty info

Frequently Asked Questions About Bumper Plates

Why do some bumper plates have colors?

  • Bumper plates are traditionally color coded according to the IWF (International Weightlifting Federation) standards. These standards are used by all countries that compete in the sport of Olympic Weightlifting. As many countries use different standards of weight, the color coding unifies all weight measurements and provides easy identification at glance from a far as to the calculation of the total weight lifted. For the fitness enthusiast the colors can help to motivate the lifter and provide visual feedback of the lifters's progress. Traditionally the colors are as follows: 55 lb = Red, 45 lb = Blue, 35 lb = Yellow, 35 lb = Green, and 10 lb = White/Grey

Aren't all bumper plates the same?

  • Definitely not. All bumper plates may have similar appearance since they will all be a standard 17.7 inch diameter, round, and black or colored. That is where the similarities end. Many factories that produce bumper plates are very small and lack the technology and testing to create high quality bumper plates. The difference in materials can be drastic in the terms of long term durability, surface appearance, toxicity, and performance. Please be aware that many factories use a low grade rubber that is not free of PAHS or Phthalates. We have drop tested several bumper plates of different manufacture and many will break at less than 1000 drops.

Can I use different types of bumper plates with Vulcan bumper plates?

  • Yes, as long as they are all 17.7 " Olympic diameter. There are some bumper plates that have smaller diameters and using those plates with Vulcan bumper plates will force our plates to handle all of the impact when dropped.

Will your bumper plates fit on my barbell?

  • Vulcan Bumper plates will fit on any Olympic barbell that is made with 50 mm sleeve diameter (tolerance within .020 mm). We can only guarantee our plates will fit on Vulcan and other high quality barbells.

Bumper Plates Facts

Vulcan Bumper Plates are a high quality and durable product. We have included some information below that will help you to prolong the life of your equipment so that you receive years of service and high performance.

Vulcan Bumper plates are made from a process called Vulcanization. No, seriously they are, we didn't make that up. Vulcanization is a chemical process of converting natural rubber or related polymers into more durable material. The modern process of vulcanization, named after Vulcan, the Roman god of fire, was not developed until the 19th century. Today, a vast array of products are made with vulcanized rubber including tires, shoe soles, hoses, and conveyor belts. Hard vulcanized rubber is even used to make articles such as bowling balls and hockey pucks.

Bumper Plates Insert | Vulcan Strength
Bumper Plate Inserts
We were the first company in the US to introduce the technology of using a forged steel stainless insert in a bumper plate with "anchors" to permanently bind the steel insert to the rubber. In conjunction with the anchoring process a special adhesive compound and natural rubber are used to create this permanent bond. The insert of our plates will not depart from the plate under any normal use. We have mechanically drop tested our bumper plates for 30,000 drops.

Blooming: When you receive your bumper plates you may notice a white to gray powdery substance on some plates. This is called “blooming” . It is part of the curing process of virgin rubber compounds. “Virgin rubber” refers to natural rubber and first use rubber compounds as opposed to synthetic rubber like compounds or recycled rubber. Virgin rubber compounds are combined with surface protectants (antioxidants/anti-ozonants). These chemicals, migrate to the surface of the rubber where they are needed to protect the rubber by inhibiting surface oxidation. Once the substances migrate to the surface they leave a powdery residue. The residue poses no harm and can be removed with warm water and a terry cloth rag or towel. We use a substance which is basically a liquid silicone to protect the plates during ocean voyage (exposure to salt water moisture) and to protect them while in transit (high heat inside truck trailers). When you receive the plates you may notice they have a somewhat slippery coating. You should not use chemicals to remove the treatment, rather wipe them down thoroughly with a dry rag until the coating is removed or use warm water and a rag. Chemicals such as dish washing liquids and some general purpose cleaners contain harsh chemicals that will essentially dry out the natural rubber and cause it to prematurely crack.

Rubber Smell: Rubber does smell like.....well, rubber. If you've been to a tire shop you may recognize the smell of virgin rubber in the store. It's simply a property of real rubber. If you have purchased Vulcan Bumper Plates, they were freshly manufactured within 30-45 days of your purchase. Over time and as the bumper plates are exposed to the air, the smell of the rubber will subside. Do not use chemicals such as pine sol or any type of chemical on bumper plates. Firstly, it will possibly make the smell worse and secondly, it can create a bad chemical reaction that could possibly impact the durability of the product. Vulcan bumper plates have a relatively low odor. The highest odor is generally that of any type of crumb rubber or recycled rubber (old tires) bumper plates. The best two things to lessen the rubber smell are time and air.

Dropping: Vulcan Bumper Plates are made to be dropped. Since 2011, we have had to replace a small number of bumper plates. If not abused, Vulcan Bumper Plates can last far beyond the warranty. Drop your bumper plates on rubber or wood. Using high density rubber bumper plates on raw concrete or asphalt will scratch them up pretty good of course and over time will wear down the rubber surface. The Alpha Bumper Plates are made of a special rubber compound that can stand up to the abuse of the high temperature of asphalt in the summer months as well as the dropping on the aggregate surface.

Warranty Information. Vulcan Bumper Plates

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