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Vulcan Absolute Competition Kettlebells
Vulcan Absolute Competition Kettlebells
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Competition Kettlebells - Vulcan Absolute

The patented design of the VulcanĀ® Absoluteā„¢ Competition Kettlebells represents the experience that comes from years of coaching, training, and competing in the sport of Kettlebell Lifting. The patented design of the Vulcan Absolute Kettlebell is unique in many ways and ergonomically designed to increase performance as well as lower the incidence of injury to the wrists and forearms that is common with other Competition Kettlebell designs.
Performance and Safety: The design of the Vulcan Absolute Kettlebell allows the handle of the kettlebell to sit further down on the lifters forearm, bringing the majority of the weight proximal to the lifters body . All other designs of competition kettlebell handles fit higher up on the lifters wrist displacing the majority of the weight to a more distal position away from the lifters body. To explain this in mechanical terms: The kettlebell is the load and the elbow of the lifter is the fulcrum point. The further the load is situated from the fulcrum point, the more increased effort is required to move the load, or in the case of the rack position; more work is required to stabilize the load. All of other designs of kettlebells place the load of the kettlebell on the weakest part of the forearm bones structure which is more susceptible to injury. The Vulcan Absolute Kettlebell not only places the load of the kettlebell further down the forearm at a stronger point but distributes more of the weight onto the body of the lifter for increased comfort, control, and safety.

Specifications: Meets all International specifications for the following:

  • Constructed of Steel with Unpainted Steel handle
  • 35 mm Handle diameter at top dead center of handle
  • Height: 280 mm
  • Diameter: 200 mm
  • Window: 65mm at radiocarpal cup | 55 mm at apex of core to dead center-underside of handle
  • Hollow Core construction
  • Colors: 8kg - Pink, 12kg - Blue, 16kg - Yellow, 20kg - Purple, 24kg - Green, 28kg - Orange, 32kg - Red

Construction and Finishing Methods: Vulcan Absolute Kettlebells are constructed of high quality steel. They are guaranteed for life from denting or cracking. There is no filler used to make the weight of Vulcan Absolute Kettlebells. The Vulcan Absolute Kettlebells are constructed with solid steel handles. No toxic heavy metals are used within Vulcan Absolute Kettlebells to create heavier competition kettlebells. The surface of the Absolute Kettlebell is blasted with micro glass beads to create a uniform texture that aids in gripping the handle of the Kettlebell. Absolute Kettlebells easily accept chalk or can be used without chalk.
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8kg Competition Kettlebell - 8 kg
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16kg Competition Kettlebell - 16 kg
20kg Competition Kettlebell - 20 kg
24kg Competition Kettlebell - 24 kg
28kg Competition Kettlebell - 28 kg
32Kg Competition Kettlebell - 32 kg
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Additional Info::
  • Warranty: Vulcan Absolute Kettlebell warranty covers bending, breaking, or cracking of a kettlebell during normal use. Powder Coating will wear off with use and metal to metal contact. This is not a warranty issue. We will not replace kettlebells for powder coating chips or imperfections unless they inhibit the use of the equipment for training purposes. The handles of the Vulcan Absolute training kettlebells are not coated. The raw natural steel can have slight imperfections that lend to the uniqueness of each kettlebell.

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