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Vulcan Strength Kettlebells have evolved. No longer do we carry the typical cast iron fitness kettlebell.

The Vulcan Absoluteā„¢ Training Kettlebell is constructed of Steel not cheap cast iron. The Patented Absolute design (US D 728,040 S) is the most advanced and ergonomic kettlebell available. For fitness or training purposes this kettlebell offers a wider grip than any fitness or competition kettlebell available. It can accommodate any size hands in a position that offers a more advantageous grip and comfort. No more "pinched pinkies", when performing two hand swings. When performing presses, jerks, or snatches the kettlebell sits in the optional position for safety and performance.

All kettlebells have a perfectly round and uniform 35 mm handle. These kettlebells are the exact same size and dimensions as the Vulcan Absolute Competition Kettlebell.

The Absolute Training Kettlebells are made of steel just like our competition kettlebells. The absolute training kettlebells do not have to meet the stringent 100 gram weight tolerance therefore the cost to manufacture them is less than that of the Absolute Kettlebell. As a result, we are able to offer a high quality Steel kettlebell at equal the cost of other brand kettlebells constructed of inferior materials. The Absolute Training kettlebells weigh within 1% of the advertised weight. Based on our tests this is still more accurate than any cast iron fitness or competition "style" kettlebells available in the market. These kettlebells do not have the aperture in the bottom like the Absolute Comp Bells. Nevertheless, these kettlebells do not have any fillers that will come loose over time or rattle.

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VulcanAbsolute Training  Kettlebells Kettlebells - Vulcan Absolute Training

Kettlebells - Vulcan Absolute Training

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