Vulcan Glute/Hamstring/Ab Roller
Vlucan Glute/Hamstring Roller
Vulcan Glute/Hamstring/Ab Roller

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Vulcan Glute/Hamstring/Ab Roller

Heavy-duty steel construction. Premium hardware and wheels rated to 1000 lb each mean this Glute Ham Ab Roller will be in service for many years.

Glute/Ham Roller Uses:

The Vulcan Glute/Ham/Ab Roller can be used to perform a number of core and posterior chain exercises using the hands or feet, lying prone or supine. Single leg and single arm movements, although more difficult, can also be performed.

The Vulcan Glute Ham Ab Roller is a great training accessory for a group and team training where space is limited. This accessory works as a great compliment to a full-sized GHD/GHR. We are constantly improving our products, therefore Item may vary from image on website.

Specs: 25" L" x 13.5" W. x 3" H
Wt: 12 lbs

Glute/Hamstring Roller Specifications

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