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Mass Storage for Equipment 42"
Vulcan Mass Gym Equipment Storage for Bumper Plates, Barbells, Balls, & Dumbbells

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Vulcan Mass Storage for Bumper Plates, Olympic Barbells, Dumbbells, Slam Balls, & Medicine Balls

Equipment Storage Description:

Essential Equipment for any serious gym will always consist of what is referred to as the "Killer B's": Bumper Plates, Med Balls & Slam Balls, Kettlebells, and Dumbbells. Having the open and uncluttered space to safely and effectively utilize your "Killer B's" is a must-have. Vulcan Mass storage systems allow you to organize all your "Killer B's" in a sturdy and easily accessible location. The Vulcan Mass Storage System is available in 4 ft and 6 ft versions.

Specifications for Mass Storage:

  • Provides up to 37" of usable storage space per each shelf (dumbbell, kettlebell, bumper plate, and med/slam ball)
  • Uprights are constructed of 3" x 3" - 11 gauge steel
  • Does not need to be bolted to the floor but can be bolted to the floor if desired
  • Bumper Plate Rack: Equipped with divider supports that prevent sagging when loaded as well as keeping plates from dropping through the rack rails if improperly placed on the rack.
    • 35.5" of storage space for bumper plates
  • Dumbbell Rack: Made from 7 gauge steel and lined with rubber. The dumbbell rack has a slight angle to allow easy placement of the dumbbells. The dumbbell rack can hold any dumbbell from 5lb and heavier that has a handle no more than 6.5" in length.
  • Three Dumbbell Racks provide enough storage space for a Vulcan Elite Hex/Round or Vulcan Pro Hex 5 lb. to 50 lb. set and still allow for two racks (kettlebell racks and or Med-ball racks) within the V-MSS
  • Med Ball/Slam Ball Rack: Made from 2.5 mm thickness steel tubing. The Med Ball storage is made for the storage of slam balls and medicine balls only.
  • Mass storage can also be used as an add on to a Vulcan Power rack or Elite Rig
  • Please Note. The selection of certain combinations of shelving may not allow space for a 5th shelving unit.
  • Barbell Storage: Attaches at the bottom of the unit on either side of the storage rack at approximately 6" above the floor.
  • Weight Plate Storage: Provides approximately 8.5" of storage
  • Band Storage: Provides approximately 8" of storage space
  • Please contact us if you have questions.
  • Length: 48.5"
  • Width: 28"
  • Height: 69.5"
    • Measurements are approximations and may vary slightly
  • Storage for CrossFit Gyms, High School & College Gyms, & Garage Gym
  • Equipment shown is not included in the rack
  • This item ships via Freight
  • Made in USA: No