Vulcan Curl Bar
Vulcan Curl Bar.  High Quality curl bar with hard chrome sleeves and bearing rotation.  Lifetime warranty. Free shipping
Vulcan Curl Bar. High Quality curl bar with hardened chrome sleeves and bearing rotation. Black Oxide coating
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Biceps Curl Bar


The Vulcan Biceps curl bar uses a traditional curl bar design and cambered angles to provide a taxing and targeted workout to the biceps and triceps. The cambered angles place the lifter's hands in a more natural position that lessons elbow and wrist strain as well as giving more focus to bicep or tricep muscle recruitment.

The Vulcan Biceps/Tricep Curl Bar Difference

The Vulcan Curl Bar has a full knurl throughout the length of the bar with exception to a 4 " center smooth area. The knurling will have slightly smooth areas where the bar is bent since knurl cant be cut on a bent bar, the knurl is cut, and then the bar is bent. The Black Oxide bar shaft provides a superior grip for sweaty hands, similar to the feel of raw steel. Sleeves are hard chrome plated. Each sleeve has a single bearing to lessen resistance and eliminate stress on elbows and wrists during bicep curls and lying or standing tricep extensions.

Curl Bar Specifications:

Length: Shaft 31.5"
Length: Sleeve Loadable Length: 11.75"
Weight: 25 lbs approximately
Finish: Black Oxide shaft - Hard Chrome Sleeves
Sleeve Diameter: 50 mm Olympic
Sleeve Rotation: Bronze bushing/single bearing
Shaft Diameter: 28.5 mm
Weight Capacity: 400 lbs
Warranty: 5 Years
  • Weights and bar collars are sold seperately and not included
  • Warranty does not cover abuse or misuse. Alteration or dis-assembly voids warranty.
  • We do not guarantee the finish of any barbell after it's used. With proper care and use, this bar will never become loose or dislodge and never requires maintenance other than an occasional wiping down with oil to prevent corrosion. See Barbell Care and Maintenance Instructions.