Competition Olympic Bar Collars 2.5 kg
Competition Olympic Bar Collars
Olympic Bar Competition Collars
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Competition Olympic Bar Collars 2.5 kg

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The Vulcan Competition Olympic Bar Collar is designed for an easy on/easy off application, with superior protection for the surface of the bar sleeve. Each collar weighs 2.5 kg each with a superior chrome finish.

  • The Vulcan Olympic Compression Collars are designed to fit 50 mm Olympic bar sleeves, and only guaranteed to fit on Vulcan Olympic bars and other bars made to 50 mm specifications: Eleiko, York, Werksan, Ivanko, Pendlay, and Rogue. We cannot guarantee the fit on other Olympic bars.
  • Fits more securely than any other collar on the market
  • Will not scratch or indent sleeves in any way, guaranteed
  • Quick to adjust, lock, and remove
  • Vulcan Compression collars will not come off the bar when dropped with heavy weight or require continual adjustment after each drop
  • These collars will support well over 100 kg on the bar, while completely inverted - Try that with any other collar!
  • Can be used for Olympic Weightlifting or Powerlifting competition
  • Lifetime Warranty