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Care and Maintenance of Olympic Barbells
Last Updated: 07/30/2021
The Vulcan Olympic Bar is a high quality piece of exercise equipment. Vulcan bars can be used for CrossFit, Olympic Lifting, Power Lifting or any other strength and conditioning programs.

To keep your Vulcan Olympic bar operating well and also maintaining its appearance: Always wipe your Olympic bar down after use. Use general purpose cleaner or antibacterial wipes - ensure that the cleaner or wipe you choose does not contain bleach (bleach is highly corrosive). Perspiration, and body oils will cause corrosion faster than humidity or ambient moisture. This is simple to deduce when you may see oxidation forming on the barbell in the areas where the barbell comes in contact with the hands, neck or sternum, and traps.

There is no barbell coating in existence that will not rust if exposed to moisture/humidity and not properly maintained. If you train in a humid environment, a garage or basement, you must spray your barbell with wd-40 at least once per month. Spray or soak liberally, let it set overnight, then wipe off the excess until the bar is completely dry the following day. It is also a good practice to put a few drops of light oil into the sleeve, right in the space between the shaft and sleeve, to maintain lubrication of the bearings or bushings.

Never drop a loaded bar on to safety spotters or a bench, it will bend no matter what the strength of the steel is. Do not leave loaded bars in the rack over night. Store your bar in a horizontal barbell holder preferably. If you use a vertical bar holder, cut some foam in push into the bar holder to absorb any impact from the bar being dropped or slammed vertically. Barbells are made to absorb impact horizontally when loaded, not vertically, nor unloaded. Do not store bars on the floor area as this is the most humid part of a room or building.

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