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Vulcan Strength Kettlebells have evolved. No longer do we carry the typical cast iron fitness kettlebell. The Vulcan Absolute™ Training Kettlebell is constructed of Steel, not cheap cast iron. The Patented Absolute design is the most advanced and ergonomic kettlebell on the market. It offers a wider grip than any available fitness or competition kettlebell making it ideal for every variety of kettlebell lifting/training pursuits.

The Vulcan Absolute Training Kettlebell can accommodate the hands of any size in a position that offers greater comfort and a more advantageous grip. No more "pinched pinkies" when performing two hand swings. During presses, jerks, and snatches the kettlebell sits in the optimal position for safety and performance. These kettlebells have a 35 mm handle. They are the same size and dimensions as the Vulcan Absolute Competition Kettlebell. Absolute Training Kettlebells are also made of steel, just like our competition kettlebells.

The Absolute Training Kettlebells do not have to meet the stringent 100-gram weight tolerance; therefore, the cost to manufacture them is less than that of our Absolute Competition Kettlebell. As a result, we are able to offer a high-quality Steel kettlebell at equal the cost of other brand kettlebells that are constructed using inferior materials and copied from archaic designs.


• Steel Construction
Black Powder Coated
• Height: 10.9"
• Diameter: 8.2"
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Vulcan Absolute Training Kettlebells incorporate the benefits of competition kettlebells that are lacking in standard cast iron multi-size/shape fitness kettlebells. All Absolute Training kettlebells are the same size and shape regardless of weight. This uniform size allows for a quick and safe progression from lighter weights to heavier weights. Typical fitness-type kettlebells graduate in size as the weight of the kettlebell increases. As a result, the trainee is forced to adjust form, technique, and grip every time he/she advances to a heavier weight. This compromises the trainee’s performance and possibly subjects him/her to an increased risk of injury. With Vulcan Absolute Training Kettlebells, the size of the implement, and the diameter and shape of the handle, are consistent across all weights. The trainee need only adapt to the increased load when progressing through the weights and becoming stronger.

Vulcan Absolute Training Kettlebells can be used for training one arm lifts or two-arm lifts. The handle of the Vulcan Absolute Training Kettlebell rests in the optimal position on the forearm. This decreases the load on the soft tissue and brings the core of the weight in a position more proximal to the body. From this point, the trainee can better exert force through the load of the kettlebell as well as control its movement.

The natural steel surface of the kettlebell handle has a texture that will enable the kettlebell to hold chalk exceedingly well. Steel composition ensures a more balanced kettlebell than can be obtained using cast iron. The body of the kettlebell is of a hollow core construction, eliminating fillers like sand, lead or concrete.

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VBKB28 Vulcan 28kg Absolute Training Kettlebell
VBKB32 Vulcan 32kg Absolute Training Kettlebell
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  • Warranty: Vulcan Absolute Kettlebell warranty covers bending, breaking, or cracking of a kettlebell during normal use. Powder Coating will wear off with use and metal to metal contact. This is not a warranty issue. We will not replace kettlebells for powder coating chips or imperfections unless they inhibit the use of the equipment for training purposes. The handles of the Vulcan Absolute training kettlebells are not coated. The raw natural steel can have slight imperfections that lend to the uniqueness of each kettlebell.

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