Mass Storage System - 70"
Mass Storage for Equipment 70"
Vulcan Mass Gym Equipment Storage for Bumper Plates, Barbells, Balls, & Dumbbells
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Vulcan Mass Storage for Bumper Plates, Olympic Barbells, Dumbbells, Slam Balls, & Medicine Balls

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Equipment Storage Description:

Essential Equipment for any serious gym will always consist of what is referred to as the "Killer B's": Bumper Plates, Med Balls & Slam Balls, Kettlebells, and Dumbbells. Having the open and uncluttered space to safely and effectively utilize your "Killer B's" is a must-have. Vulcan Mass storage systems allow you to organize all your "Killer B's" in a sturdy and easily accessible location. The Vulcan Mass Storage System is available in 4 ft and 6 ft versions

Specifications for Mass Storage:

Provides up to 70" of storage space per shelf (dumbbell, kettlebell, med ball/slam ball, and bumper plate)
Uprights are constructed of 3" x 3" - 11 gauge steel
Does not need to be bolted to the floor but can be bolted to the floor if desired
Kettlebell Rack: The kettlebell rack can store competition size kettlebells as well as fitness style kettlebells. The kettlebell rack provides approximately 70" of useable storage space.
Bumper Plate Rack: Equipped with divider supports that prevent sagging when loaded as well as keeping plates from dropping through the rack rails if improperly placed on the rack. The bumper plate rack provides approximately 65.5" of storage space and can store 1000 lbs of bumper plates or more
Dumbbell Rack: Made from 7 gauge steel and lined with rubber. The dumbbell rack has a slight angle to allow easy placement of the dumbbells. The dumbbell rack can accommodate dumbbells' from 5 lbs and heavier with handles 6.5" or less. Two Dumbbell Racks provide enough storage space for a Vulcan Elite Hex/Round or Vulcan Pro Hex 5 lb to 50 lb set. Four dumbbell racks would be required for a 5 lb to 75 lb Vulcan Elite Hex, Round, Urethane, or Pro Hex set. Five dumbbell racks would be required for a 5 lb to 100 lb set of the aforementioned dumbbell types. The dumbbell rack provides approximately 65.5" of useable storage space.
Med Ball/Slam Ball Rack: Made from 2.5 mm thickness steel tubing. It can only be used for med ball/slam ball storage. The med ball/slam ball rack provide approximately 70" of useable storage space.
Dual Barbell Storage: Stores two barbells with 50mm sleeves. Attaches at the bottom of the unit on either side of the storage rack at approximately 6" above the floor. A storage rack cannot be used in the bottom hole position if the barbell holder is to be affixed
Weight Plate Storage: Provides approximately 8.5" of storage
Band Storage: Provides approximately 8" of storage space
Mass storage can also be used as an add on to a Vulcan Power rack or Elite Rig
Please note certain combinations of shelving options may not allow 5 shelves of storage. Please contact us if you have questions.

L: 77" W: 28" H: 69.5"
Additional equipment shown is not included.
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