Rubber Coated Kettlebells
Rubber Coated Kettlebells 8 kg to 32 kg
Rubber Coated Kettlebells
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Rubber Coated Kettlebell - Rubber Grip - Rubber Horn

Vulcan Rubber Coated Kettlebells utilize the same methods and rubber utilized in our hugely popular Pro Hex and Rubber Grip Kettlebells. Vulcan was the first to bring these instruments to the market and now Vulcan comes again with another first.

Rubber coated kettlebell body
The rubber is vulcanized to the steel core of the kettlebell. A proprietary process that uses heat, pressure and bonding agents mates the rubber shell to the steel core of the kettlebell. Rust and paint chips are no longer a concern with the Vulcan Rubber Coated Kettlebell.

Steel Kettlebell Core
Steel is less prone to rusting, provides a higher quality casting, and much stronger than a cast iron body.

Rubberized Grip
The rubberized grip is a hard rubber that will maximize grip without being soft feeling like some rubber coated weights.
The "horns" of the kettlebell feature a lasered grip pattern to aid in maintaining hand position when performing goblet squats

Color Coded Emblem and Colorized Indentation Kettlebell ID (TM)
Kettlebell weight can be easily identified from a far by emblem color or Colorized Indentation (Kettlebell ID)
Color Id's:
  • 8 kg - Pink
  • 12 kg - Blue
  • 16 kg - Yellow
  • 20 kg - Purple
  • 24 kg - Green
  • 32 kg - Red

Kettlebell Dimensions

Lifetime - Home Gym Use
3 Year - Commercial Use

Weight Tolerance:
Extremely accurate weight tolerance is a testament to the quality engineering and workmanship; to combine Virgin Rubber and Forged Steel into one very balanced and highly durable training tool.
  • +/- 1%

Item# Item Name Regular Price Qty Add
V-KRC8 *Rubber Coated Kettlebell - 8 Kg
V-KRC12 Rubber Coated Kettlebell - 12 Kg
V-KRC16 Rubber Coated Kettlebell - 16 Kg
V-KRC20 Rubber Coated Kettlebell - 20 Kg
V-KRC24 Rubber Coated Kettlebell - 24 Kg
V-KRC32 Rubber Coated Kettlebell - 32 Kg
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