Vulcan Talos - Multi Functional Cable Pulley Attachment for Power Rack - Selectorized
Vulcan Talos - Multi Functional Cable Pulley Attachment for Power Rack - Selectorized
Vulcan Talos - Multi Functional Cable Pulley Attachment for Power Rack - Selectorized
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Vulcan Talos - Multi Functional Cable Pulley Attachment for Power Rack - Selectorized

Centralized dual weight stack multi functional pulley system attachment for Vulcan Power Racks

Available for Pre-Order. Estimated to be in stock April 30th
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The Vulcan TALOS Cable Attachment serves as a highly specialized functional trainer and Lat-pulldown/low row module, seamlessly compatible with your existing Vulcan Power Rack. Compatible with: VPR-SLIMFITPOWER, VPR-CSTM, VPR-1,VPR-2.

This integration optimizes space utilization while retaining the principal features of your original equipment. Taking its name from the mythological TALOS—a bronze bull forged by Hephaestus (VULCAN) to protect the island of Crete—the Vulcan TALOS is engineered to fortify your training regimen.

Equipped with dual weight stacks, each with a standard weight of 260 lbs. and an optional upgrade to 300 lbs., the Vulcan TALOS offers the facility for unilateral exercise modes. Alternatively, both stacks can be synchronized for bilateral movements requiring greater weight resistance, such as Lat pulldowns, and low rows

The unit incorporates slider mechanisms outfitted with plastic rollers to facilitate effortless height adjustment. Front pulleys on the TALOS are engineered to swivel through a 180-degree range, thereby extending the scope of exercises both within and outside the rack framework.

The weight stacks are constructed from hot-rolled steel plates with a precision-machined finish, ensuring uniform weight and easy engagement with the magnetized selector pin. An exterior shroud, finished in textured black and detailed with VULCAN laser cut logo with stainless steel backing

The Vulcan TALOS operates on a 2:1 resistance ratio, translating a 100 lbs. weight selection into an effective load of 50 lbs.—a setting conducive to functional training applications. The attachment comes with an array of accessories, including a footplate for low rows, four 2.5 lbs. weights, D-handles, a chrome Lat pulldown bar and low row bar with knurled grips, and an adapter plate.

Vulcan TALOS Power Rack(Stand Alone) Specifications:

Height: 94.5"
Width: 53" (this is total foot print on the floor) The width where the barbell is placed is 48.5"
Length: 28"

This is what is included with the base price

  • Two Weights stacks and all pulleys/cables and mechanisms required for use: Footplate for low rows, four 2.5 lbs. weights, D-handles, a chrome Lat pulldown bar and low row bar with knurled grips, and an adapter plate.
  • Four Uprights: 92" 3"x3" (75mm x75mm) - 11 Gauge steel - (3.1mm), 1 Inch holes. Laser cut numbers. Matte Black Textured Powder Coat. The Vulcan TALOS is laser cut and robot welded for high quality fitment and durability.
  • Four Cross-Members 18" length. 3"x3" (75mm x75mm) - 11 Gauge steel - (3.1mm)
  • Vulcan Stainless Steel Logo Plate
  • Single pull up bar - (POWER RACK BUILD ONLY. The TALOS Stand Alone Rack is not compatible with a pull up bar.
*Weight posts, weights, additional uprights, additional J-hooks are not included in the base price of the item. Check the configuration menu above to select the available options. Once you have selected your options.
Warranty: Lifetime warranty for all fixed parts. 5 Year warranty on all moving parts

Vulcan TALOS Power Rack Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can you exercise inside the Talos?
A: Yes, the inner dimension is 18", What we consider the minimum depth for any functional power rack. Squats, military press, shrugs, rack pulls, can all be done inside the rack due to the centrally located, flush mounted weight stacks at the rear of the rack. Flat bench is possible but Incline bench press would need to be done outside of the rack. Safety spotters and half rack conversion feet can be added to configure a TALOS Half Rack.

Q: Can Jammer arms be used on the TALOS?
A: Our Drop in Jammer arms are the best fit for The TALOS or FORGE. When our drop in jammer arms are not in use, they can be easily and quickly removed without the use of hand tools and actually stored on the rack out of your way. Standard jammer arms can be in the way sometimes and limit the use of the pulley trolleys.

Q: What is the cable travel?
A: The travel is 89". Our weight stack sits prominently (6" from the floor ) as does the bottom pulley.
The higher pulley is better for the Low row option and allows a pulling position that will lend to more mid back recruitment ( the actual Lats or wings that give a wider back). A Lower pulley would put more strain on the upper back like a quasi shrug movement of some sort.
In comparison to a commercial gym low pull/lat pull down, the low row pulley position would sit about mid torso to a few inches above navel height for most people. The 6" lift gets us closer to that position. Our upright height is 92.1 making our total height well under 95". If our weight stack was lower and our uprights 93.5" our pulley travel would be approx 96" but the aforementioned qualities are also compromised.

Q: Can the Vulcan TALOS be used separately as a power rack?
A: Yes, definitely. This is a great option if one has a power rack that is not compatible with the TALOS. Due to its minimal foot print it can usually be positioned in a gym to provide an alternate rack/multifunctional trainer at far less the cost and size of a typical dedicated multi-functional trainer machine.

Q: Is the Vulcan TALOS compatible with my (other brand) power rack:
A: No. The TALOS is made specifically for Vulcan Power Racks. Hole spacing, starting and ending point of holes, as well as tolerances are quite different amongst many power racks. We will not guarantee fit or assist in any retrofitting projects.

Q: Does it need to be bolted down?
A: We highly recommend that all Power racks be bolted to the floor for maximum safety and stability. The TALOS has pre-drilled bolting holes on the support feet and hardware is provided to anchor the power rack.

Q: Do the feet in the back take up a lot of space and can they be removed?
A: The feet only extend a couple inches beyond the pulleys, the amount of space required from the wall to the pulley would be the same. They are bolt on and can be removed.

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