Vulcan 20 kg V4.0 Elite 28 mm Olympic Bearing Barbell
Vulcan V4.0  Elite Olympic Bearing Barbell
Vulcan 20 kg Elite Bearing Bar
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V4.0 Elite Bearing Barbell

Olympic Bearing Barbell Description

Chrome Molybdenum steel - (often referred to in the industry as Chrome Moly). Chrome Moly is typically used for a wide variety of applications such as to build race car frames, oil rigs, nuclear power plant structures. The molybdenum provides increased tensile strength and whilst the chromium facilitates excellent corrosion resistance and oxidation. Chrome Moly is also known for having excellent reflexive qualities (whip). High whip, high tensile strength, and high anti-corrosive properties make the Vulcan Elite Training Barbell a high performing, highly durable Olympic Barbell.

Specifications: Meets IWF Specifications. 28 mm Shaft at Knurling areas. 221 K tensile Strength Verified. This bar is the highest tensile strength bar available in the USA. The V4.0 Elite Bearing bar has some improvements over the first two versions.

  • Finish. The V4.0 is nickel chrome plated with finely grooved sleeves

  • Knurling. The knurling on the Elite bar has evolved and matured with the manufacturing process over time. Since 2011, we have received much feedback on the knurling from our customers, high level weightlifters and their coaches, as well as general fitness trainers, and strength & conditioning coaches. The knurling is what we would consider moderately aggressive based on comparison with our line of multiple Olympic Bars. How the knurling feels to each person is a matter of use, experience, and preference of course. The knurling on the V4.0 extends all the way to the laser engraved Boss of the sleeve. 4" recessed center knurling.

  • Rotation. The rotation on the V4.0 is very clean and smooth. This Olympic bar has very tight tolerances and you will immediately notice there is very little to absolute zero movement between the sleeve and shaft. The V4.0 uses a highly advanced multiple self lubricated bearing system. Five Bearings each sleeve. First spin of the sleeve of this bar out of the tube will not offer a lot of spin due to the tight tolerances. Over a brief amount of time the bar will become "broken in" and spin more freely.

  • Whip. The molybdenum steel is hard to beat in regards to reflexive properties. Be advised that even with relatively light weights the bar can flex to the extent that the plates may slide off if collars are not used. This bar is recommended for Olympic Weightlifting. Please view our bar comparison guide for other bar recommendations.

  • Warranty: We do not warranty the finish of any barbell after use. With proper care and use, this bar will never become loose or dislodge and never requires maintenance other than an occasional wiping down with WD-40 oil to prevent corrosion. See Barbell Care and Maintenance Instructions.