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V-Lock Rubber Change Plates

Steel change plates and rubber coated change plates are obsolete. In the past, problems such as peeling rubber, paint chipping, rust, loose or departed inserts, bar damage, and excessive noise were considered the norm for change plates. We introduced the solid rubber change plate to the market in 2012 and it has been highly imitated but not duplicated to this day. Solid rubber without any steel inserts or iron core is what differentiates the V-lock change plate. They are precision weighed, balanced and molded to fit tightly on the barbell and closely together. They are practically indestructible when used correctly and carry a 7 year warranty. Unsightly rust, peeling, and bar damage are things of the past once you switch over to these high performance and good looking plates.

Vulcan Black V-Lock Plates are available in lb increments. 2.5lb and 5lb plates are sold as individual pairs or as sets.
Vulcan Color V-Lock Plates are available in Kilograms and meet IWF standards for Change Plates used in Olympic Weightlifting.