Vulcan Open Hex Bar - OX Bar
Vulcan Open Hex Bar - OX Bar
Vulcan Open Hex Bar - Ox Bar
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Vulcan Open Hex Bar - OX Bar

The Vulcan Open Hex Bar offers the ruggedness and durability of our other hex bars with the features of an open side that enables the user to accomplish exercises that may not be facilitated by a traditional Hex or High Hex Bar. The value of the Hex bar is that it allows loading of the hips, core, and legs with minimal stress on the lower lumbar region. Many people who find lifts uncomfortable, painful, or have physical injuries and limitations that prohibit picking up a weight from the floor in the conventional deadlift manner can benefit from the use of a hex bar.

The open aspect enables the user to perform various exercises that would be all but impossible using a standard hex bar and or standard Olympic/Powerlifting Barbell.

Exercises that can be performed with the Vulcan Open Hex - Ox Bar

  • Zercher Squats
  • Swiss Squats
  • Walking Lunges
  • Farmer Walk Carries
  • Safety bar squats
  • Hachensmidt squats
  • Bent Over rows
  • Yoke Carries

Vulcan Open Hex Ox Bar specifications:

  • Weight: 31 kilograms (68 lbs)
  • Construction: 40 gauge round tubing
  • Sleeve Coating: Hard Chrome with metal logo plates secured with snap rings
  • Sleeve Construction: Machined steel fixed sleeves
  • Finish: Black Powder coat
  • Grips: Machined steel, hard chrome-plated, knurled handles. 50 mm and 28 diameters.
    • Distance from high handles to the floor (plates loaded): 9.5"
    • Distance from low handles to the floor (plates loaded): 6.5"
  • Distance between handles: 24.64"
  • Total Length: 84"
  • Sleeve length:
    • Total Sleeve length: 16"
    • Loadable Sleeve Length: 15.5"
    • Sleeve Diameter: 50 mm
  • Gussets: 6 mm steel to offer support and prevent sagging after years of hard and heavy usage.
  • Rackable
  • Can be stored upright in bar holder
  • Two 92 shore hardness rubber bolted in hard rubber feet on each side for maximum stability and to protect flooring and bar surface from premature wear. Functions as a bar jack to enable easy loading of the bar.
  • Weight capacity: 1500lbs
  • Maximum dynamic capacity of Jack: 600 lbs. Over 600lbs ls must be loaded on the bar with the Jack in its vertical position
  • All measurements are approximations within applicable manufacturing tolerances
  • Free Shipping for purchase within Cont USA
  • OX Bar is not made for over head dropping
  • Warranty: Lifetime of product (bending or breaking through normal use).