Double Leg Roller Attachment For Lat Pull Down
Vulcan Double Leg Roller
Double Leg Roller Attachment For Lat Pull Down
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Vulcan Double Leg Roller

Leg Roller Attachment description:

This versatile tool can be employed for a range of exercises, from lunges and split squats to ab work, bringing a new dimension to your strength and stability training. Moreover, it acts as a most effective knee roller for lat pull-downs, preventing the user from being lifted by the weight, thus promoting a safer and more effective workout.

The core of the Vulcan Double Leg Roller is a sturdy 25mm solid steel rod, built to endure rigorous routines and long-lasting performance. With an impressive weight capacity of 1000lbs, it's as robust as it gets, designed to accommodate users of all sizes and strength levels.

The Vulcan Double Leg Roller features textured black powder-coated finish. The equipment comes with two high-quality urethane leg rollers, preferred over vinyl-covered alternatives due to their enhanced durability and resistance to sweat or moisture. These rollers do not need to be removed for cleaning; they can be easily sanitized with a disinfecting wipe or spray, ensuring optimal hygiene during your workouts. Generally, these urethane rollers are known to last many years, making the Vulcan Double Leg Roller a wise long-term investment for your home or gym.

The urethane rollers can easily slide back and forth on the rod, ensuring a customized workout based on your needs. Securing the rod within the rack is effortless, thanks to the included collars and Allen wrench. 3 collars are provided -one for each pad and one to fasten the rod within the rack. While these collars may not be necessary for all movements, they prove beneficial for single-leg exercises or any movements where the pads sliding would be undesirable.

Designed to fit through 1-inch holes in power racks, safety spotters, and similar equipment, the Vulcan Double Leg Roller blends effortlessly with your existing gym setup. Invest in Vulcan's Double Leg Roller and elevate your workout game by adding diversity, security, and precision to your fitness routine.

Weight: 17 lbs
Length: 49.5"
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