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Vulcan Curl Bar

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Vulcan Curl Bar

Biceps Curl Bar Description:

The Vulcan Biceps curl bar uses a traditional curl bar design and cambered angles to provide a taxing and targeted workout to the biceps and triceps. The cambered angles place the lifters hands in a more natural position that lessons elbow and wrist strain as well as giving more focus to bicep or tricep muscle recruitment.

The Vulcan Biceps/Tricep Curl Bar Difference

The Vulcan Curl Bar has a full knurl throughout the length of the bar with exception to a 4 " center smooth area. The Black Oxide bar shaft provides a superior grip for sweaty hands,similar to the feel of raw steel. Sleeves are hard chrome plated. Each sleeve has a single bearing to lessen resistance and eliminate stress on elbows and wrists during bicep curls and lying or standing tricep extensions.

Curl Bar Specifications:

Length: Shaft 31.5"
Length: Sleeve Loadable Length: 11.75"
Weight: 25 lbs approximately
Finish: Black Oxide shaft - Hard Chrome Sleeves
Sleeve Diameter: 50 mm Olympic
Sleeve Rotation: Bronze bushing/single bearing
Shaft Diameter: 28.5 mm
Weight Capacity: 400 lbs
Warranty: 5 Years