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Equipment Packages

We created these Equipment Packages to help take some of the guess work out of the process for those starting a CrossFit® gym, home/garage gym, personal training facility, athletic training facility or any other aspect of group fitness training.

These packages offer a wide array of exercise equipment but focus on the essentials of training. Often times nonessential equipment is bought and underutilized or essential pieces of equipment are not bought in sufficient quantities causing "bottle-necking" and effecting the continuity of the training program.

These equipment packages are our suggestions based on our experience in training as well as processing dozens of orders for gyms of all sorts nationwide. As an added bonus the actual products of these CrossFit® equipment packages are discounted 12% as well as receive free shipping due to the volume and weight of these packages. These are only suggested packages and we will custom quote and or help you design a package that suits your needs and desires specifically. Contact Us