Vulcan Buffalo Bar - Clearance
Vulcan Buffalo Bar - Clearance
Vulcan Buffalo Bar - Clearance

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Clearance Buffalo Barbell

Vulcan Buffalo Bars - Clearance are Vulcan Buffalo bars that did not pass quality inspection. None of these bars have any mechanical problems and are added to our clearance inventory in no particular order.

We cannot post photos or send photos of individual Buffalo bars.


  • Discoloration
  • Uneven Finish
  • Spots
  • Scratches and tool marks
  • Most cosmetic issues with these curl bars are not very noticeable

All Vulcan Clearance Buffalo Bars still carry a performance warranty from bending or breaking during normal use. Warranty duration is no longer than original warranty of Grade "A" V-BUFF of same variant. No returns are accepted on these bars. Free shipping continental US only.