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Bumper Plate Care and Maintenance
Last Updated: 10/20/2014
Your Bumper Plates should offer you years of good service if properly maintained. In this article we'll give information on all the types of bumper plates we manufacture, suggested uses, and proper care and maintenance.

Professional Bumper Plates
Vulcan Professional Bumper plates are manufactured from a rubber and polyurethane compound. They are manufactured within IWF specifications and weigh within 1% of advertised weight. The best use of Vulcan Professional Bumper Plates is competitive weightlifting or training for Olympic Weightlifting. Professional Bumper Plates will perform best when used on professional quality weightlifting platforms but a well made do-it-yourself platform can suffice. When pro bumpers are not in use they should be placed in a horizontal bumper plate holder. We currently offer two versions of horizontal bumper plate racks to choose from. Pro Bumpers should not be stacked vertically or left laying on the floor if appearance and performance of the equipment is to be maintained. Pro bumpers should be used with other competition bumper plates and change plates. Using econ bumpers, and recycled tire bumper plates with competition bumpers will quickly turn the colored surface of the pro bumpers black and also remove the print from the face of the plate over time. When loading the barbell always use the least amount of plates to make the most weight and load heavier plates on first and lighter plates on last in descending order. Slamming bumper plates from an overhead position will drastically shorten their life and voids all warranties. It is not recommended that 10kg plates be dropped from over head repeatedly.

Color Training Bumper Plates

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