Ultra Speed Cable Rope
Vulcan  Ultra Speed Rope
Vulcan Ultra Cable Speed Rope
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Ultra Speed Cable Rope


The Vulcan Ultra Cable Speed Rope is the first choice for CrossFit gyms. Great for double and triple unders, this rope has a super fast metal dowel that enables it to turn 5-6 rotations a second.

  • 3mm cable, more pliable than 2.5mm cable and less prone to kinking
  • approximately 12 ft of cable to allow adjustments

Sizing Instructions:

  • Use a screwdriver to loosen or remove the screw. Slide the chrome piece down.

To find the your length:
  • Hold the handles in one hand and place foot in the middle of the rope so that
it's pinned to the ground under your foot
  • Raise the handles up along the side of your torso until the ends of the handles are right above your armpit
  • The rope should clear your head by about 10-12 inches when jumping
  • Once the cable is adjusted to your preferred length, cut the extra cable off. Tighten the screw/grommet on as tightly as possible and check for tightness periodically and re-tighten when necessary