Resistance Bands for Strength Training
Vulcan Strength Bands
Resistance Bands for Strength Training


Strength-Resistance Bands

  • The Vulcan Strength Bands are made of a long-lasting 100% rubber.
  • Strength Bands are all 41" in length and approx. 3/8" thick.
  • Resistance is increased based on the width of the band:
    • XX Light Strength Band - 1/2" wide. Generally used for stretching and rehab exercises. 20 -35 lbs resistance
    • X Light Strength Band - 1-1/8" wide. Used for stretching, rehab exercises, 30 - 50 lbs of resistance
    • Light Strength Band - 1-3/4" wide. Mostly used for body weight assistance/pull-ups(140 lb BW and below) resistance 50-120 lbs
    • Medium Strength Band - 2-1/2" wide. Used mostly for barbell movements to add resistance/assistance, resistance 50-150 lbs
    • Heavy Strength Band - 3-1/4" wide. Used for High level strength training. resistance 70-150 lbs
    • X Heavy Strength Band - 4: wide. used for Elite Level Strength training barbell work 100 -200 lbs resistance
  • The Vulcan Strength Bands are a great tool for both stretching, and assistance in building strength for dips and pullups.
  • They are also used to provide increased resistance while doing bench press, squats, and dead-lifts, Torso work, etc.


Resistance/Strength Bands are an extremely versatile strength training tool that can offer a variety of uses. Vulcan Strength/Resistance Bands offer 6 levels of increasing resistance.
The resistance is based on the width of the band. The wider the band, the more strength is require to elongate the band as well as more energy the band can create to assist with exercises. Resistance bands can be used to add resistance to a movement or to add assistance with exercises such as Band Assisted pullups, bench press, etc. Resistance bands can be used for both pulling and pushing movement as well as rotational work or moving in planes of motion that may not be practical with other strength training equipment.

Item# Item Name Regular Price Qty Add
SB-1 Extra Heavy Band, Black, 4" width
SB-2 Heavy Strength Band, Orange, 3.25" width
SB-3 Medium Strength Band, Blue, 2.5" width
SB-4 Light Strength Band, Green, 1.75" width
SB-5 X Light Band, Purple, 1.125" width
SB-6 XX Light Band, Red, .05" width
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