Vulcan Soft Cube Plyo Box
Vulcan Soft Cube Plyo Box
Vulcan Soft Cube Plyo Box
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Soft Cube Plyo Box

Plyo Box Description:

The Vulcan Soft Cube is a heavy duty foam and vinyl covered plyo box.

The Vulcan Soft Cube can be an essential tool for athletic training. It combines the sturdiness, weight, and compact size of a wooden plyo box with the safety of the soft impact plyo boxes.

The vinyl cover is a heavier and firmer material than what is used on other soft plyo boxes. it is far more resilient to tears and provides a landing that is very firm like wood but in the case of a missed jump the box will not shred the shins. The box will absorb the impact of the athletes fall.

The bright color and pattern of the Vulcan Soft Box make the edges of the boxes more visible and enhances the athletes' perception of the plyo boxes height. Plain black boxes on black rubber floor can obscure the perception of the boxes true size, adding to the chance of a missed jump attempt.

Lowering the inhibition and fear of injury will reduce anxiety and increase the overall performance of the athlete or client.

Plyo Box Specifications
Dimensions: L: 30" W: 24" H: 20"
Weight: 70 lbs
Materials: Heavy duty firm vinyl for a commercial gym or institutional use

Construction: Hard wood box covered with 4.5" of dense foam and heavy gauge vinyl. The interior of the box contains a ballast mechanism that will rotate to whichever side of the box is on the floor making it more stable than other soft Plyo boxes that weigh less. A standard wood Plyo box weighs 55 lbs.

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