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Vulcan Slammers

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Slam Balls - Vulcan Slammers


  • The Vulcan Slammers are rubber balls filled with iron granules that can be slammed to the ground violently from an over head position.


  • Used for total body conditioning as well as building explosive strength in the torso and legs.
  • You will be amazed at the intensity you can add to your training by using this simple piece of equipment.
  • Warrantied for three years against rupturing.
  • Do not use a cork stopper and will not fail from repeated slamming.
  • Slam away!
  • Use for CrossFit training and metabolic conditioning, athletic training
  • We have improved upon our design. These balls are more durable than previous versions
  • Diameter: Weights 10 lb - 25 lb are 10" diameter approximately. Weights 30 lb - 45 lb are 11" approximately. Weights 50 lb to 100 lb are 14" diameter
  • The larger diameter of these slammers makes them far more resilient as the area of contact with the floor when slammed is greater and thus disperses the impact more efficiently.
  • Heavier variants 75 lbs - 200 lbs can be used as "soft" Atlas stones. Prevents injury from accidental slips and drops, protects floors, and equipment.

Item# Item Name Our Price Qty Add
vulcslam5 5 lb Slammer
vulcslam10 10 lb Slammer
vulcslam15 15 lb Slammer
vulcslam20 20 lb Slammer
vulcslam25 25 lb Slammer
vulcslam30 30 lb Slammer
vulcslam35 35 lb Slammer
vulcslam40 40 lb Slammer
vulcslam45 45 lb Slammer
vulcslam50 50 lb Slammer
vulcslam75 75 lb Slammer
vulcslam100 100 lb Slammer
vulcslam150 150 lb Slammer
vulcslam200 200 lb Slammer
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