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Vulcan Scull Rower
Vulcan Scull Rower

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Vulcan Scull Rower

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/skəl/ : A single rowing boat designed for a single person who propels the boat.

The Vulcan "Scull" is a high-grade competition ergometer that can be used in any training environment.
A single scull is a rowing boat designed for a single person who propels the boat with two oars, one in each hand.Specifications
  • Length: 94"
  • Width: 25"
  • Seat Height: 15"
  • Seat Width: 12"
  • Seat Length: 10"
  • Fan Height: 34"
  • Monorail Length: 47"
  • Monitor: 6" x 5.5"
  • Construction: Black plastic, steel, and aluminum
  • Color: Black
  • Heart Rate chest monitor is included
  • Shipping weight: 101 lbs
  • Warranty: Lifetime warranty on Frame. 2 Years warranty on moving parts. 90 days on soft parts ( foot straps, etc)
  • Weight capacity: Tested to 350 lbs.
Vulcan Scull Rower tracks the following at each rowing session:

STROKE RATE: - Display the current stroke per minute during exercise. - The lightened up semi-circle equals the stroke rate displayed in numbers. The more grids it shows, the higher your stroke rate is.

STROKE: - Display the total number of strokes during exercise.

TIME & TIME/500m AVG: - Display range: 00:00 ~ 99:59 minutes. - The workout time is accumulated when under any workout mode. - Display flashing “00:00” for presetting the TIME (countdown) program. Time can be set from 1:00 to 99:00 minutes. - Time cannot be saved under the 10/10 INTERVAL program. The setting range is 10 ~ 99. - The time/500m is the average time per hour for reaching a distance of 500 meters.

DISTANCE: - Display range: 0 ~ 9999 meters. It’s accumulated in cycle mode that numbers go back to 0 if the distance exceeds 9999 meters. - The workout distance is accumulated when under any workout mode. - Display flashing “500” for presetting DISTANCE (countdown) program. The target distance value can be set from 500 to 9999 meters. - The distance/30min is the estimated distance for 30 minutes with the current stroke rate

CALORIES: - Display range: 0 ~ 999 cals. - Display flashing “100” for presetting CALORIES (countdown) program. The target calories value can be set from 10 to 999 cals.

PULSE: - Display the heart rate from 40 to 220 beats per minute during exercise. To use this function, the user must wear Included Heart Rate Chest Strap.

PADDLE WIDTH: - Display range: 0 ~ 99 meters (or 0 ~ 304 feet). - Display the distance each stroke can reach.

CYCLE: - Display only in the INTERVAL program. - Display flashing “8” for presetting the target rounds of exercise in the INTERVAL program. The target cycle value can be set from 1 to 99 rounds.

WATTS: - Display range: 0 ~ 999 watts. - Display the amount of power generated at any moment during the workout.

LOW BATTERY REMINDER: - Display battery symbol only when the battery is low.

The Console Monitor has eight programs: QUICK START, TIME (countdown), DISTANCE (countdown), CALORIES (countdown), GAME, and INTERVAL PROGRAMS of 20/10, 10/20, & 10/10.

USING THE MOBILE PHONE BRACKET The Cell Phone Bracket(20) can move up and down. Move up the Cell Phone Bracket(20), then slide the Cell Phone into the gap between the Cell Phone Bracket(20) and the Console Monitor(19). Move down the Cell Phone Bracket(20) to clip the Cell Phone in position.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ's:

Q: How does the Vulcan Scull Rower Compare to the Brand B Rower?

A: We did a side-by-side test and these were our results. The test was accomplished using an electric pulling machine to provide consistent pull to each rower.

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