Vulcan Leather Powerlifting Belt - 10 mm
Vulcan Leather Powerlifting Belt
Vulcan Powerlifting Belt - Vintage Leather 10 mm

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Vulcan Vintage Leather Powerlifting Belt 10 mm

***Sizes 22'' - 30'' Brown Vintage Belts are Out of Stock***
***Sizes 30'' - 33'' Black Vintage Belts are Out of Stock***

Powerlifting Belt Description:

The Vulcan Powerlifting Belt is constructed from genuine natural cow leather. This is the highest grade of leather and immediately you will notice how supple the belt is. There is no break in time required for these belts. They are ready to compete or train with straight out of the package. The top grain leather has a vintage finish to it that will wear well and develop it's own unique look.

Why Use a Powerlifting Belt?

A weightlifting belt can help to protect the lower back from injury.

Powerlifting and Weightlifting belts were more of a staple in every gym years ago. Sadly, erroneous claims that using a weightlifting belt weakens the "core muscles" and spinal erectors was introduced with the popularity of functional training. This is a baseless claim and you will see professional powerlifters or Olympic weightlifters using belts in training and competition to prevent injury and enhance performance.

The powerlifting belt does not act as a brace to support your torso. A well made powerlifting belt will actually help you increase the use of your abs and lower-back muscles. Studies have demonstrated that using a belt while lifting actually increases involvement of erector spinae muscles by up to 25 percent as well as increasing recruitment of the rectus abdominis.
Benefits of using a Powerlifting Belt:
  • Stabilize spine and reduce spinal compression during heavy squatting deadlifting overhead pressing and bench pressing
  • Bracing or Valsalva against the wall of a properly made belt can increase intra-abdominal pressure by as much as 50%. This added pressure pushes against the spine to keep it from flexing.
  • Inhibits forward and lateral flexion of spine thereby helping to protect lower back from injury as well as channeling more force through the legs and glutes rather than back.
    • Most people will be able to squat or deadlift significantly more weight while wearing a belt
  • Lessens inhibition.
    • If you feel safe you move better, and possibly faster which can improve your lifts dramatically

Powerlifting Belt Specifications

  • 10 mm Thickness (Can vary, It is real leather)
  • Top Grain Cow Leather
  • Heavy Duty Chrome Plated Buckle and roller
  • Single Prong for easy adjust and removal
  • Heavy duty tactile suede lining that will grip your shirt or singlet
    • Helps to prevent distracting belt slippage when lifting
  • Lifetime warranty from breaking

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