Elite Round Rubber Dumbbell Pairs
Elite Round Rubber Dumbbell Pairs - Vulcan Strength
Elite Round Rubber Dumbbell Pairs
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Vulcan Elite Round Rubber Dumbbell Pairs

Dumbbells are sold in Pairs. Some weight variants of the Elite Round Dumbbells are not currently available as pairs. All Pairs are currently available within the sets here. Due to the low price on these dumbbells, all sales are final.

Dumbbell weight variants are available from 5 lb - 100 lb. The traditional Round head dumbbell design has become a staple in gyms across the world.

Our newest upgrade to this age-old implement is the feature of vulcanized rubber handles with a highly tactile knurling surface. These Elite Round Rubber Dumbbells are made from a rubber compound very similar to our competition bumper plate rubber. The rubber is applied to the steel handle using a proprietary process that makes it impossible to detach from the handles during any gym or workout use. The rubber grip dumbbell handle will not loosen, peel or chip from these dumbbells. The Elite Round Rubber Dumbbell eliminates a number of issues encountered with typical dumbbells.

  • No rusting or flaking of chrome handles
  • Vulcan rubber compounds and knurling pattern provide a less slippery grip than chrome-plated handles
  • No harsh/sharp rubber knurling that can cause blisters
  • Rubber accepts chalk better than shiny, slippery, chrome plating
  • Suitable for small, average, and large-sized hands
  • Consistent with most dumbbell racks
  • Fully rubberized dumbbell surface is easy to clean and keep sanitary in any gym setting
  • A more extensive process of machining results in a dumbbell that is accurate within 1% of advertised weight
  • The process of the mating of the head to handle creates a dumbbell that will never depart or become loose. Handles are mated to the head using heat interference press fit. Stronger than any type of welding and creates a permanent internal bond of shaft and head
  • Higher grade rubber than any other round rubber dumbbell on the market results in no rubber odor, rubber compound does not chip on edges over time as typical dumbbells; suitable for home gym and high-end commercial gym use
  • Lower cost than polyurethane dumbbells with all the benefits of zero odor without the high cost
  • Custom Logo available for gym orders - 6,000 lbs minimum order quantity
  • 5-year Warranty for commercial and institutional use from heads departing, loosening, breaking, bending, rubber departing from the handle
  • Lifetime Warranty for Home Gym Use
  • The item may vary in appearance as photos and renders do not accurately depict 3-D Objects

Why Train With Dumbbells?

Dumbbell training can offer versatility that cannot be found with traditional barbell lifting. Training the body unilaterally and bi-laterally can stimulate muscle growth as well as total body strengthening effect shoring up strength discrepancies. Dumbbells can be used for rehab work, conditioning, and floor-based movements in ways that barbells cannot. One-arm Olympic style lifts can be performed with dumbbells with less risk of injury and minimal coaching compared to barbell or kettlebell movements.

Technical Specifications:

  • Handle Length (all weight variants): 125 mm
    • Handle Diameter (5 lb to 15 lb): 25 mm
    • Handle Diameter (20 lb to 50 lb): 30 mm
  • Dumbbell Head Diameter varies by weight variant:
    • Head Diameter (5 lb to 15 lb): 130 mm
    • Head Diameter (20 lb to 30 lb): 155 mm
    • Head Diameter (35 lb to 45 lb): 170 mm
    • Head Diameter (50 lb to 110 lb): 200 mm
  • Provided measurements are approximations

Item# Item Name Regular Price Sales Price Qty Add
V-RNDB5 Elite Round Dumbbells 5 lb Pair
$ 25.19
V-RNDB10 Elite Round Dumbbells 10 lb Pair
$ 44.39
V-RNDB15 Elite Round Dumbbells 15 lb Pair
$ 54.44
V-RNDB25 Elite Round Dumbbells 25 lb Pair
$ 82.64
V-RNDB30 Elite Round Dumbbells 30 lb Pair
$ 100.11
V-RNDB40 Elite Round Dumbbells 40 lb Pair
$ 151.19
V-RNDB45 Elite Round Dumbbells 45 lb Pair
$ 171.36
V-RNDB50 Elite Round Dumbbells 50 lb Pair
$ 191.54
V-RNDB55 Elite Round Dumbbells 55 lb Pair
$ 203.54
V-RNDB65 Elite Round Dumbbells 65 lb Pair
$ 231.81
V-RNDB70 Elite Round Dumbbells 70 lb Pair
$ 241.94
V-RNDB75 Elite Round Dumbbells 75 lb Pair
$ 262.11
V-RNDB80 Elite Round Dumbbells 80 lb Pair
$ 282.29
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