The Vulcan One Basic Olympic Bushing Barbell - Hard Chrome
The Vulcan One Basic 28mm Olympic Bushing Bar
The Vulcan One Basic Bar. 20 kg Olympic Bar
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The Vulcan One Basic Olympic Bushing Barbell - Hard Chrome

Barbell Description:

Kickstart your home fitness journey with the high-performing Vulcan One Basic Olympic Bar. Perfectly engineered for beginner to intermediate conventional strength training and CrossFit® workouts, this barbell offers a superior training experience at a budget-friendly price.
Unlike other bars in its class, the Vulcan One Basic is crafted from standard pre-heat treated steel rod of 28mm diameter, promising exceptional durability and effectiveness. This impressive bar boasts a minimum 190,000 PSI tensile strength, verified by rigorous metallurgical lab analysis, ensuring that it stands up to the most demanding workouts.
The 20kg Olympic barbell comes in a sleek, hard chrome version that lends it an attractive and durable finish. The dual markings on the bar accommodate both traditional strength training and CrossFit® workouts, offering versatility for a wide range of exercises. The absence of center knurling ensures comfort during high-rep workouts.
Featuring light to medium knurling, the Vulcan One Basic offers a reliable grip that's perfect for home or garage gym use. The finely grooved sleeves, coupled with reliable bronze bushings, promise a smooth and consistent spin, enhancing your lifting experience.
What sets the One Basic Barbell apart is its robust construction. With a one-piece sleeve design and double snap ring construction, you can trust in the Vulcan One Basic's resilience and longevity.
The Vulcan One Basic Olympic Bar offers superior quality and performance at a very affordable price point. Plus, it comes with free shipping, making it an excellent value investment in your fitness goals. While it's not made in the USA, it adheres to our stringent quality standards, promising you a reliable, high-performing training companion for years to come.


  • 20kg Olympic Bar
  • 28 mm Shaft Diameter
  • Minimum 190,000 PSI Tensile Strength verified by metallurgical lab analysis
  • Dual Markings/ for CrossFit┬« - No Center Knurling
  • Light to Medium Knurling - Recommended for Garage Gym/Home Gym use.
  • Finely Grooved Sleeves
  • Bronze Bushings
  • Double Snap Ring Construction
  • One Piece Sleeve Construction
  • Free Shipping
  • Not Made in USA
  • 4 Year Warranty from bending, breaking, or sleeves departing or seizing. Misuse, abuse, or disassemble voids warranty. This bar is not recommended or warrantied for commercial gym or CrossFit gym use.
  • Warranty: We do not warranty the finish of any barbell after use. With proper care and use, this bar will never become loose or dislodge and never requires maintenance other than an occasional wiping down with WD-40 oil to prevent corrosion. See Barbell Care and Maintenance Instructions.

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