Hex Rubber Dumbbells
Hex Rubber Dumbbells
Hex Rubber Dumbbells

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Hex Rubber Dumbbells - Pairs


Vulcan Rubber Hex Dumbbells are sold in pairs and ship free. Dumbbell weight variants are available from 5 lb - 100 lb. The traditional hex head dumbbell design has become a staple in gyms across the world. The Hex Rubber dumbbell is an economical yet extremely functional and durable dumbbell for any application. All dumbbells have knurled chrome-plated handles which are contour shaped for easy gripping.

Dumbbell training can offer versatility that cannot be found with traditional barbell lifting. Training the body unilaterally and bi-laterally can stimulate muscle growth as well as a total body strengthening effect shoring up strength discrepancies. Dumbbells can be used for rehab work, conditioning, and floor-based movements in ways that barbells cannot. One arm Olympic style lifts can be performed with dumbbells with less risk of injury and minimal coaching as compared to barbell or kettlebell movements.


  • 5 lb - 20 lb dumbbells have 28 mm handles
  • 25 lb - 100 lb dumbbells have 33.5 mm handles
  • Heavy-duty rubber hex head
  • Chrome-plated steel handles
  • The propriety handle process eliminates worries of heads departing from dumbbells
  • Priced Per Pair
  • Free Shiping

Item# Item Name Our Price Qty Add
60LBHX Hex Rubber Dumbbells 60 lb Pair - In Stock
65LBHX Hex Rubber Dumbbells 65 lb Pair -In Stock
70LBHX Hex Rubber Dumbbells 70 lb Pair - In Stock
75LBHX Hex Rubber Dumbbells 75 lb Pair - In Stock
80LBHX Hex Rubber Dumbbells 80 lb Pair - In Stock
85LBHX Hex Rubber Dumbbells 85 lb Pair - In Stock
90LBHX Hex Rubber Dumbbells 90 lb Pair - In Stock
95LBHX Hex Rubber Dumbbells 95 lb Pair - In Stock
100LBHX Hex Rubber Dumbbells 100 lb Pair - In Stock
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