Dog Bone Grip Attachment for Pull Up Rig
Dog Bone Grip Training Attachment for Pull Up Rig
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Dog Bone Grip Attachment for Pull Up Rig

Grip Training attachments can offer diversity to the training program as well as just creating some really fun and challenging workouts. Grip attachments can also be an integral part of training for rock climbers, martial artists, wrestlers, and any athletes that rely on grip strength heavily in their practice. All grip attachments are made of heavy duty steel, powder coated in matte black and come with caribiner clips, nylon belts, and or mounting hard ware. Here is a brief description below of all grip work attachments and their use.

  • Dog Bone: The dog bone has two 3' spherical ends conjoined by a 1.25" straight rod. The dog bone can be suspended for a poll up bar, kettlebell, bumper plate, etc for multiple grip positions and grip training routines. Included with the dog bone is a heavy duty caribiner and nylon strap.