15 Deep Gym Equipment Package
Gym Equipment  Package


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Bumper Plates - up to 2000lbs*:

Kettlebell Weights-up to 500lbs*:

Med Ball weights*:

Slam Ball Weights*:


15 Deep Gym Equipment Package


The 15 Deep Cross - Training Fitness Equipment Package is the ideal package for an Affiliate or any athletic group training environment. We cut out all the fluff and offer this package comprised of the needed essentials to get your gym up and running at full efficiency from day one. If you have your package in mind please contact us


  • (2) 1000LB Vulcan Black Bumper Plates set for a total of 2000LBS of Bumpers - Choose your own weight denominations
  • (1) Vulcan 15 Bar Set- 28 mm Elite Training Bushing Bar, IWF Spec knurling - Lifetime Guarantee
  • (5) Vulcan 15 kg Bearing Bar, 25 mm
  • (5) Vulcan 15LB Technique Bar
  • (3) Vulcan 9 Bar Holders
  • (1) 500LB Vulcan Fitness Kettlebell Set - Choose your own variants up to 500LBS
  • (25) Sets of Spring Clips
  • (15) Sets of Vulcan Wood Rings
  • (15) Vulcan Medicine Balls-choose the weights up to 20lbs
  • (10) Vulcan Slam Balls - Can choose the weight up to 30lbs
  • (5) 23'x1.5" Rope with Eyelet
  • (15) Vulcan Multi Sided Wooden Plyometric Boxes with 20/24/30 Inch Sides
  • (8) V-Task Squat/Press Stands
  • (6) Vulcan GHD/GHR
  • (1) 34 ft of Vulcan Elite rigs (Need more rig? Need less?, No problem, Contact Us)
  • (15) Vulcan Speed Rope
  • (15) Vulcan Core Wedge
  • (3) Vulcan V-1 Push/Pull Sleds (3) 50 ft 1.5 inch ropes (heavy or light duty version)