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Color Bumper Plates Sets & Pairs
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Color Bumper Plates - LBS

Color Bumper Plates Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose and origin of the color bumper plates?

The colors mimic the colors of bumper plates used in the sport of Olympic Weightlifting. The colors are used to identify individual weight variants internationally. Olympic Weightlifting is a sport that is enjoyed around the world. As such, many countries use different measures of weight. The color codes identify and standardize the weights used in competition for all competitors around the globe.

Are colored bumper plates the same as black bumper plates?

In fact, all bumper plates are colored. The natural color of virgin rubber is brown. Very much like a gum rubber sole on a shoe. Special dyes are used to color the rubber when it is being mixed. The dyes are permanent and not impacted by moisture or temperatures. The rubber compounds used for colored bumper plates are slightly different as they must be able to absorb the colors as evenly as possible. A higher grade of rubber will need to be used to obtain the desired results.

Do the colors really make any difference in my training?

Yes, they do!. Colors impact moods and feelings. Most people will say they have a favorite color for this reason. The colors can also be visually motivating. You can envision yourself one day squatting 5 "Reds" and a "Blue" on each side, To be able to visualize the goal helps to bring it to reality. Of course, it will take a lot of proper training and the will to accomplish the goal as well. Think of many sports or levels of success that are denoted by colors. Black Belt in martial arts, a Green Beret, etc. We can't discount how colors make us feel and denote success. In a gym environment where the coach or trainer needs to check his athletes or clients progress, the colors can give he or she the visual feedback needed to help the athlete to make the adjustments needed to succeed. Lastly and most importantly, color bumper plates just look cool! If we look at almost any pro sports team gyms or high-level college weight rooms we will find color bumper plates in well-equipped gyms.

Color Bumper Plate Specifications:

    Made to IWF (International Weightlifting Federation) Standard diameter 450 mm (17.7165 inch).
  • Solid Rubber Bumper Plates made from virgin rubber not recycled rubber. Low bounce for safety Safe for platform use.
  • Vulcan Bumper Plates have been tested to 30,000 drops from a height of 9 feet without any deformation of the insert or damage to the rubber surface.
  • Shore Durometer A 88.7 - 89.1 What is Shore Durometer? See Here.
  • Plate diameter: 450 mm (17.7") - Collar opening: 50.4 mm Insert type: Forged Steel, not a thin pressed or stamped steel like some others Inserts are actually anchored into the rubber, unlike most which are simply pressed in
  • Plates have a thinner, low-profile design which allows you to fit more on the bar
  • Weight tolerance: +/- 1%
  • Bumper Plate Thickness:
    • 10 lb: 1-1/16"
    • 15 lb: 1-3/16"
    • 25 lb: 1-3/4"
    • 35 lb: 2-5/16"
    • 45 lb: 3-1/8"
    • 55 lb: 3-1/8"
  • For: Can be used for Cross Fitness Training, Weightlifting, strength training, commercial gym or home gym use
  • Warranty: 36 months on 55 lb, 45 lb, 35 lb, 25 lb Bumper Plates; 12 months on 10 lb and 15 lb bumper plates

Bumper Plate Sets Variants:

160 lb Color Bumper Plate Set (45 lb Blue, 25 lb Green, 10lb Grey (out of stock)- Pair of Each) 10 lb Black Pair is substituted for 10 lb Grey Pair
230 lb Color Bumper Plate Set (45 lb Blue, 35 lb Yellow, 25 lb Green, 10 lb Black - Pair of Each)
260 lb Color Bumper Plate Set (45 lb Blue, 35 lb Yellow, 25 lb Green, 15 lb Black, 10 lb Black - Pair of Each)
340 lb Color Bumper Plate Set (55 lb Red, 45 lb Blue, 35 lb Yellow, 25 lb Green, 10 lb Black - Pair of Each)
350 lb Color Bumper Plate Set (45 lb Blue, 45 lb Blue, 35 lb Yellow, 25 lb Green, 15 lb Black, 10 lb Black - Pair of Each)
370 lb Color Bumper Plate Set (55 lb Red, 45 lb Blue, 35 lb Yellow, 25 lb Green, 15 lb Black, 10 lb Black - Pair of Each)

Note: All bumper plate sets and bumper Plate-Olympic bar packages and other heavy items may ship LTL freight. If you live in an area that is not accessible to a full-sized freight truck contact us to make other shipping arrangements to avoid delays. You will be responsible for unloading the items from the truck, not the driver. If you require inside delivery or a truck with a lift gate to deliver, you must contact us for an additional rate quote for these extra services. Contact Us if you need a quote for shipping outside the Continental USA.

Item# Item Name Regular Price Sale Price Qty Add
vulcrub10Xtra Black 10lb Bumper Plate Pair
vulcrubcole25 Vulcan 25 lb Color Bumper Plate - Green (Pair)
vulcrubcole35 Vulcan 35lb Color Bumper Plate - Yellow (Pair)
vulcrubcole45 Vulcan 45lb Color Bumper Plate - Blue (Pair)
vulcrubcole55 Vulcan 55lb Color Bumper Plate - Red (Pair)
vulcrubcol160 160 lb Color Bumper Plates Set
$ 373.49
vulcrubcol230 230 lb Color Bumper Plates Set
$ 508.49
vulcrubcol260 260 lb Color Bumper Plates Set
$ 579.59
vulcrubcol340 340 lb Color Bumper Plates Set
$ 781.19
vulcrubcol350 350 lb Color Bumper Plates Set
$ 753.29
vulcrubcol370 370 lb Color Bumper Plates Set
$ 836.99
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