0.5kg V-Lock Olympic Weightlifting Rubber Disc
0.5 kg V-Lock Solid Rubber Change Plate
0.5 kg V-Lock Olympic Weightlifting Rubber Discs
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0.5kg V-Lock Olympic Weightlifting Rubber Change Plates


  • Weigh .5kg each. Two plates in each set
  • Solid Rubber Construction; these are not iron plates covered with a thin rubber shell. No metal inserts
  • Virgin rubber - No odor
  • No Peeling or Chipping
  • Accurate to within .5 % of stated weight
  • 7 Year Warranty
  • Dimensions:


* Vulcan V-Lock Plates are not to be used or dropped on the bar alone without accompanying full size plates. Use in this manner voids any warranty. Dropping V-Lock Plates in this manner will result in damage to the plates. They are change plates only. You must use regular size bumper plates for dropping.