Vulcan Buffalo Barbell
Vulcan Buffalo Bar

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Vulcan Buffalo Barbell

What is a Buffalo Barbell?

A Vulcan Buffalo Bar is a powerlifting barbell that is made with a curve to allow the lifter/exerciser to position the torso in a way that can alleviate strain on the biceps, back, and chest. For many, this position will benefit their progress in becoming stronger in the squat exercise and other exercises that incorporate multi-joint movement and generating power from the floor up. Unlike a Safety Squat Bar, the Vulcan Buffalo bar does not change the points of emphasis of the squat exercise.

If you are looking for a pretty bar to hang on your wall that will never see heavyweight, please keep looking elsewhere. The Vulcan Buffalo barbell is made for serious weight training only. It is made to handle up to 800 lbs of weight. The finish is industrial bright zinc, not a show finish. The knurl is medium sharp. Please be aware that knurl will feel differently on certain parts of the barbell because it is bent! The bending of the bar bends the knurl too! Knurl cannot be cut on a bend. The knurl is cut when the barbell is straight of course, THEN the bar is bent.

Vulcan Buffalo Barbell Specifications

Barbell Shaft Diameter: 32 mm
Barbell Sleeve Length: 16.5"
Barbell Sleeve Diameter: 50 mm
Barbell Length: 87.5"
Tensile Strength: 165k Tested to 800 lbs lifting capacity
Barbell Finish: Bright Zinc Shaft and Sleeves
Made in USA
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