1000 lb Alpha Bumper Plate Set
Vulcan Alpha Bumper Plates Set
1000 lb Alpha Bumper Plate Sets

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Vulcan Alpha Bumper Plates

offer a better alternative to any recycled rubber bumper plate currently available.

  • Alpha Bumpers are made for indoor or outdoor use.
  • Very low dead blow bounce on any surface, unlike typical recycled rubber plates that can bounce dangerously high or "skip" away from you
  • Low noise. Alpha Bumper Plates make approximately 25% less noise when dropped from a height of 9 ft, based on testing with decibel meter
    • Hearing damage & loss have become issues to some weightlifting coaches and trainers due to the level of noise exposure form multiple athletes dropping bumper plates throughout a training session
    • If your gym is located in an area where the dropping of weights can cause a disturbance to your neighbors, the 25% reduction of noise can be helpful
  • Lower odor than crumb rubber bumper plates or recycled rubber bumper plates
  • Lower profile compared to typical crumb rubber bumper plate or recycle rubber bumper plates
    • 10 lb - 1.17 inches, 15.7" diameter, Grey Fleck
    • 25 lb - 1.81 inches, 17.7" diameter, Green Fleck
    • 35 lb - 2.55 inches, 17.7" diameter, Yellow Fleck
    • 45 lb - 2.95 inches, 17.7" diameter, Blue Fleck
    • 55 lb - 3.34 inches, 17.7" diameter, Red Fleck
  • 10 lb plates are a slightly smaller diameter to add density to the rubber compound to allow for dropping. 10 lb plates can be dropped alone on the bar
  • Color coded with large Flecks of rubber for easy identification from a distance and a really unique look
  • Color coding is standard IWF type coloring
  • Color Flecks are part of the rubber compound
  • Fit tighter together than any crumb rubber or recycled rubber bumper plates. Less vibration and wobbling.
  • 36 month warranty on 55 lb, 45 lb, and 35 lb bumper plates, 18 months on 25 lb plates, 1 year on 10 lb bumper plates
  • Plates can be used outdoors but should be stored indoors when not in use.

Sets Contain:

160 lb Alpha Bumper set: 45 lb, 25 lb, 10 lb (pair of each)

230 lb Alpha Bumper set: 45 lb, 35 lb, 25 lb, 10 lb (pair of each)

250 lb Alpha Bumper set: 45 lb, 45 lb, 25 lb, 10 lb (pair of each)

340 lb Alpha Bumper set: 55 lb, 45 lb, 35 lb, 25 lb, 10 lb (pair of each) Alpha

340 lb Alpha Bumper set: 45 lb, 45 lb, 45 lb, 25 lb, 10 lb (pair of each) Bravo