Vulcan Technique Plates
Vulcan Technique Plates
Vulcan Technique Plates for Weightlifting
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5 kg and 2.5 kg Technique Plates for Olympic Weightlifting

Vulcan Technique Plates are light-weight plates made from a mixture of recycled plastic materials. They are identical in size to Olympic weightlifting plates. The standardized diameter allows the teaching of technique without the adding the heavier weight of actual bumper plates but does not impact the dynamics of pulling from the floor as a smaller diameter plate would. The plastic material makes the Vulcan technique plate virtually indestructible. These plates are completely droppable.

15 lb Training Bar and Technique Plates Set
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Why You Should Use Technique Plates

Vulcan Technique Plates enable lifters to concentrate on technique without loading heavy weights on the barbell. Due to the Olympic Plate size and thickness of the technique plate, the lifter can pull from the floor at the actual height of a competition bumper plate. These plates are completely droppable and will not damage barbells, platforms, nor break if used properly.

Technique Plate Specifications:

  • One-Piece Construction
  • Unbreakable when dropped on rubber or wood platform
  • No Metal Insert
  • Collar Opening: 50.4mm
    • 5kg (White)
      • Plate Diameter: ~17.6" +/- ~0.25"
      • Plate Thickness: ~1.5"
    • 2.5kg (Red)
      • Plate Diameter: ~17.6" +/- ~0.25"
      • Plate Thickness: ~0.75"
  • Available in Kilograms only
  • Made from recycled materials •
  • Not Made in USA
  • Sold in Pairs

• These technique plates are made from recycled plastics and have an appearance consistent with recycled materials. Differences in texture or surface imperfections are an innate property of the materials used and process of manufacturing.

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V-Tech2.5kg 2.5 kg Red Technique Plates
V-Tech5kg 5 kg White Technique Plates
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