Frequently Asked Questions:
Covid-19 FAQs

As we are sure you are aware the Covid-19 Pandemic threat is a serious issue we all face globally. We want to wish you health and safety in these very challenging times. As a result of many states imposing "Shelter in Place" orders and banning large group gatherings, many gyms and fitness centers must close their doors temporarily. Of course, we hope for a speedy end to the Covid-19 situation so these businesses can soon open their doors and continue to operate their businesses and pursue the passions that brought them into the fitness community.

You have now placed an order with Vulcan Strength and are our customer! Please understand that our primary focus and responsibility is to process and ship our many customers orders as soon as possible. We receive many phone calls and emails and we are trying our best to get to them all. There can be delays in reaching out via telephone or receiving a response to your email. All of our human resources are dedicated to order processing and fulfilling at this point.

Below we have listed some answers to the most frequently asked questions that we are receiving. Please view this information below.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: When will my order ship?

A: The Estimated time of shipment for in-stock items is between 1-7 Business days. This is just an estimate and the process could take a few days longer. We do not anticipate it taking several weeks to fulfill any orders. If we have any specific issues or problems with your order,we will contact you immediately.

Q: What is the status of my order?

A: Your order will show as processing in your account until it is picked up by the carrier and in transit to you. We do not have an internal order tracking application that will offer daily “updates” of an order. If the order status is processing the order is either actively being packed and shipped or it is in the queue to be packed and shipped

Q: I received a shipping confirmation, but the items haven't been shipped. Is there something wrong?

A: Shipping documents and labels are created first, then the order is sent to the warehouse to be processed. Once you have received tracking information that will indicate that your order is in the pre-shipping process. The order can stay in this status for some time as this is where the orders are in the queue to be pulled, scanned, and packed. Please continue to check the tracking once daily and when the order is intransit, the tracking info will become active. If there is a problem with your order, we would contact you.

Q: Are you open for local pick up or in-store browsing?

A: Currently, we are not open for local pick-up or in-store browsing.

Q: Will there be any delays in the actual transit of my order once it leaves Vulcan.

A: Due to the situations with the Covid-19 pandemic all carriers (every carrier that ships goods via freight, Ground, Or Air transportation) have suspended their Money Back Guarantee programs that guarantee shipments will arrive on their estimated date of arrival or the shipper will receive their money back. The carriers do this during ties that the volume of shipping is so high they expect delays. These suspensions usually occur during the holidays as a result of Black Friday and Christmas Sales. The volume of shipments currently being transported now by the carriers far exceeds those levels. It would be reasonable to expect items to arrive a few days later than projected.

Q: I ordered a product and I looked back on the website and see that it is now out of stock. Will I still receive the product that I ordered?

A: As items are ordered the stock depletes and at some point, the stock completely runs out. If you were able to order the item, then it was listed as in stock at that time and you should receive the item (s). If for any reason an item was ordered and it is not actually in stock, we will contact you. In this case, we will refund the purchase completely for the out of stock items. If the item is part of a Vulcan pre-configured, we will contact you and give the option of cancellation and refund, partial shipment, or exchange for another item.

Q: Is there any way I can pay to expedite the process or drive to pick up the order locally?

A: We process orders or order items in the order they are received. We do not have a way of expediting one order in front of others.

Q: How do I cancel an order?

A: Please call to cancel orders. We realize it is difficult to get through the phone lines, but we cannot process an order cancellation request via email. We ship and process orders from multiple warehouses. If the order is finally processed and packaged, we cannot cancel the shipment. Please check our return and cancellation policy listed on your order confirmations and under our website FAQ’s section.

Q: I put the wrong shipping address on an order, and it has already been shipped. What can I do?

A: If the order has not shipped yet, we can usually make this change very easily. If you have paid through PayPal, we cannot change the shipping address and we will need to cancel the order and you can attempt to replace it when the items are electronically put back into stock. If you listed the address incorrectly and the order is in transit, there is a re-consignment fee from $15 to $85 depending on the carrier. These fees are charged due to the additional work required for the shipment to be rerouted and/or an entire tractor-trailer being unloaded prematurely just to locate one package. We don’t have any control over these fees, and they will be billed to you before the change can be made. Please check your order confirmations and our website FAQs for more detailed information about shipments and acceptance of shipments.

Q: When will this product be back in stock?

A: Please use the back in stock notifications on the product pages to be notified when back in stock. If you do not see a notification link or ETA posted, please sign up for notifications here

Q: Can I order an out of stock product?

A: Please use the in-stock notification link in the product page to be advised of when these options or available or check back on the website later when this information has been updated.

Q: I want to change an item on my order

A: Please submit a contact form. Please know that if a request is received to change an order that order will be put on hold until the change has been made.

Please be patient and allow us to focus on the task we have of getting your order shipped as quickly and safely as possible. Although it only takes a few minutes to add the items to the cart and place the order the actual physical labor involved in packaging and shipping these items takes some time. We have augmented our staff substantially and continue to hire new team members to meet the current demand for Vulcan Strength product. Thank you sincerely for your business and patience.

Vulcan Strength Team