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Olympic Bar Collars, Spring Collars & OSO Barbell Collars

Vulcan Strength Olympic Bar Collars will fit any true 50 mm bar. The spring clip is the least expensive option for securing your weights to the barbell. They are chrome plated and and made of spring steel. These spring collars are fairly tight and will not loose their grip easily. The Vulcan Compression collars are great for Olympic Weightlifting and strength training. They each weigh one hilogram and lock down on the barbell using a band of steel inside the color. They will not scratch the barbell surface and can hold over 150kg completely inverted. The OSO Collar is a revolutionary modern design constructed of billet aluminum. The OSO Collars weigh 1lb each, lock down very tight, and have a hard rubber sleeve inside the collar to prevent any slipping or damage to the barbell. All Bar Collars are shipping Free currently.
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Spring Collars Olympic Bar Spring Collars (Pair)

Vulcan Olympic Bar 2" Spring Collars

Our Price: $14.99
OSO Barbell Collars | Vulcan Strength OSO Barbell Collars

Vulcan OSO Olympic Barbell Collars

Our Price: $49.95
Olympic Bar Compression Collars Olympic Bar Compression Collars (Pair) 1kg each

Olympic  Bar Compression Collar

Our Price: $57.95
Competition Olympic Bar Collars Competition Olympic Bar Collars 2.5 kg

Olympic Bar Competition Collars

Our Price: $129.95