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Elite Freestanding Rigs are constructed of 3x3" steel with 5/8" Hardware. Freestanding options from 4' to 24' and beyond. All Elite rig attachments are modular and interchangeable. These rigs can be used for any application: Military, Police, Fire training centers, College or High School gyms, CrossFit Gyms, Commercial Gyms, etc.

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Custom Rigs for CrossFit Gyms Custom Freestanding Rigs - All sizes and Options

Custom Pull Up Rigs for CrossFit Gym Equipping

One Deep Free Standing Pull up Rig and Squat Rack Free Standing One Deep Pull Up Rig

Vulcan 1 Deep Elite Wall Mount Rig

Our Price: $985.00
Pull Up Rig for CrossFit 10ft - Freestanding | Vulcan Strength 10' Elite Free Standing Pull Up Rig

Vulcan 10' Elite Pull Up Rig

Our Price: $1,680.00
Vulcan 14' Elite Pull Up  Rig 14' Elite Freestanding Rig

Vulcan 14' Elite Freestanding Rig

Our Price: $2,345.00
Vulcan 20' Elite Rig 20' Elite Free Standing Pull Up Rig

Vulcan 20' Elite Rig

Our Price: $2,905.00
Vulcan 24' Elite Rig 24' Elite Freestanding Rig

Vulcan 24' Elite Rig

Our Price: $3,705.00

Freestanding Pull Up Rigs