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Beastie Balls
Beastie Balls
Beastie Balls



Beastie Balls


Beastie Balls come in two versions,
original, which is clear and has firm but flexible bumps and x-firm,
which is green and is extremely firm.

Which one you choose depends on your
level of pain tolerance and how you plan on using the ball. If you
are going to lay it on the floor and put your full weight on it, the
original would be a better choice, however, leaning against the wall,
the x-firm might work better for you.

The detachable base is a tool that is
NOT included in the purchase of the product but can be purchased
separately. It can be used to provide elevation to the Beastie, can
intensify the Beastie by keeping the bumps in a firm, upright
position, can keep it stabilized and prevent it from rolling, and
also provides a place to store the Beastie when you are not using it.

Item# Item Name Our Price Qty Add
BBWB-F1 2 Firm Beastie Balls
BBWB-F2 2 Original Beastie Balls
BBWB-F3 Beastie 1 + 1
BBWB-F6 Beastie Base
BBWB-F5 Beastie with Base (Firm)
BBWB-F4 Beastie with Base (Original)
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